Why is Quick Release Orifice Size Important?

To ensure optimal flow rate and output at the tip, the orifice size is determined by the pressure output (measured in PSI) and the maximum flow rate of your pressure washer machine. Choosing an orifice size that is either too small or too large can exert extra strain on your machine, leading to significant problems in the long run and even risking the breakage of your equipment. Therefore, it is crucial to select the correct size to avoid potential issues.

In the UK we tend to use a mixture of brands and flow ratings, but we normally suggest the following

Orifice Sizes:

As a rule of thumb, we tend to suggest the following:

  • 0.3  – 6 litres per minute and below – (lower power household pressure washers Karcher, Nilfisk, Bosch etc)
  • 0.4 – 7 litres a minute and above – (higher-end professional use setups Kranzle, Petrol or Diesel driven etc)

Carbon collective offer a set of nozzles that will come in three different angles as seen below,

  • Red Nozzle – 15° (soft)
  • Orange Nozzle – 25° (medium)
  • Black Nozzle – 40° (hard) 

 Two Nozzle Sizes:

Unlike other standard nozzles available on the market, carbon collective have made the nozzles available in 2 orifice sizes, ensuring maximum compatibility and performance, no matter which pressure washer you are using.

The orifice size dictates how your pressure washer performs, ensure you order the correct-sized nozzle to get the most from your setup and preventing any load issues. 

The Carbon Collective Nozzle Pack can be bought here 


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