Which Bilt Hamber Wax Is Best For You?

Bilt Hamber offer three carnauba based waxes;

Double Speed-Wax – great for light coloured cars, Ideal for good condition paintwork. Creates a hard film on the surface of the paint, which is both water repellent and detergent resistant, remaining in place for several washes.

Finis-Wax – deeper gloss on light colours. Ideal for highly finished paintwork in good condition. Creates a wet-look shine through easy application and creates a long lasting and durable hard-film to add protection. It can also help prevent osmotic blistering of highly finished surfaces. Finis-wax is ideal for use on dark coloured cars.

Hydra-Wax – for a very rapid job use liquid wax, These abrasive-free products can be used to finish paintwork to the highest standard. Bilt Hamber Hydra-Wax is a  super-easy-to-use last stage treatment for the protection of highly finished automobile paint systems. . Unlike other automotive waxes, excellent gloss, ease of application and buffability are provided by other gloss enhancing molecules. To achieve the ultimate smooth glass-like finish, the paint should be in good condition. This can be easily achieved before use with Korrosol and Auto Clay bar, before Hydra-Wax treatment.

It is advised that any older dulled polish film or last stage products are removed prior to the wax application. Cleanser-Fluid was designed for this and primes the paintwork perfectly, even removing any last traces of hydrocarbon road film. Cleanser Polish comes with a spray trigger. 



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