Upgrading Snow Foam Orifice Size

On the My Car Cleaning website, various snow foam lances come with a spare component that resembles a small screw. This is the orifice which controls how much water will pass through. The size that is usually already installed in the lance is 1.25mm. Below is an explanation as to why it could be beneficial to upgrade to a the smaller orifice size of 1.1mm.

When the orifice size is larger, more water will be fed through, resulting in a lower concentration of soap and less foam. Conversely, a smaller orifice means less water enters the gun, leading to a higher concentration of soap from the reservoir and a thicker foam.

If this is something that you believe you can benefit from you can purchase a 1.1mm orifice in the link below

(Take care in ensuring this will fit your snow foam lance) 

MTM Foam Cannon 1.1mm Replacement Orifice

Lances That Come With A replacement Orifice 

MJJC Foam Lance (Cannon) Pro (V2)

MJJC Foam Lance (Cannon) Pro (V3)

Autobrite Direct Snow Foam Lance 

How to Change Your Orifice 

Troubleshooting Your Foam Canon Orifice

1. If you are getting pulsation or your machine is cutting out, your orifice is too small and you have created too much back-pressure so your pump thinks the gun is 'closed' and turns off your machine. This is very bad for your pump.

2. If your foam is watery, you may need a smaller orifice and possibly more chemical.

3. If you pull the trigger and nothing happens you will want to check the orifice opening for debris that has clogged the very small opening.

4. To remove, simply use a standard, flat head screwdriver and unscrew the nozzle. Clear the orifice of any debris and keep it just in case your buddy wants to try out your foam cannon but has a larger pressure washer.



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