To squeegee or not to squeegee?

 In short, No. Never.

While the silicone squeegee is likely gentle and shouldn't harm the finish, extreme caution is crucial. Even a small particle of dirt or debris on the surface, whether residual from washing, an abrasive particulate from the environment, or present on the squeegee itself, can potentially cause significant damage to your paint. Many would totally stand against using one as the risk is just too high.  

Instead of relying on your silicone squeegee, we suggest opting for the following techniques/tools as safer alternatives:

Microfibre drying towels

Microfibre drying towels have became a mandatory tool in todays car cleaning routine, and for good reason. The appeal comes from a soft well made microfibre pile that will hold a huge amount of water before needing to be wrung out. Although, you probably won’t have to do much wringing, unless you’ve been pestered by the neighbours to do their cars too. 

Hugely popular here at My Car Cleaning is the Sam's detailing drying towel.  A 28″ x 36″ Drying Towel that utilises the latest twist loop technology, allowing it to soak up water more efficiently over traditional microfibre towels whilst leaving no lint behind in the process. 


Car Air Dryers

No Scratches. No Drips. No Streaks. It’s as simple as that! At My Car Cleaning we offer the best car dryer blowers on the market which is now voted the safest way to dry your car. Our most popular being the Blo car dryer range which offer non-contact drying to eliminate swirls and scratches that can happen during a regular touch towel drying method. Not only is it safer, but it’s easier and more fun, who doesn’t love drying your car with huge amounts of warm filtered air! 





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