*NEW FORMULA* Bilt Hamber Touch-Less

One of the greats just got greater! 

Bilt Hamber TOUCH-LESS is a revolutionary advancement in Pre-Wash Technology! Now available in 1 Litre the sugar-based, biodegradable snow foam pre-wash sets a new standard in car care.

In a recent chemical breakthrough, Bilt Hamber has elevated TOUCH-LESS to new heights by enhancing its strength by over 100%. The concentration has been doubled, delivering superior performance, and the pH has been reduced from approximately 12 to a neat 10.5. 

With this remarkable improvement, users can now achieve unparalleled cleaning results using only half the usual amount of product. The Bilt Hamber TOUCH-LESS outshines any other snow foam or pre-wash on the market, making car maintenance more efficient and effective than ever before.

Working Out Product Dilution 

Bilt Hamber suggests using their Panel Impact Ratio (PIR) system to precisely determine the optimal amount of TOUCH-LESS needed for perfect results. This system operates on a percentage basis: 0.5% for routine maintenance and up to 2% for heavily soiled vehicles.

The objective is to calculate the actual flow rate of your pressure washer in real-world conditions, and this process only needs to be conducted once.

Simply record the volume of water passing through your specific pressure washer and note the corresponding dilution ratio or amount of product required for measurement. This straightforward step ensures accurate and efficient utilization of TOUCH-LESS for consistent and superior cleaning outcomes.

For Snow Foam Lances 

  1. Fill the reservoir to its maximum capacity with plain water.
  2. Adjust the dilution knob to the maximum setting for the thickest foam.
  3. Discharge the lance into a bucket, monitoring the reservoir until it is empty.
  4. Once the reservoir is empty, cease the process.
  5. Now, grab a measuring jug.
  6. For a 2% dilution (suitable for heavily soiled vehicles), measure the water in the bucket and multiply it by 0.02. For instance, if you used 10,000ml (10L) of water, you'll need 200ml of TOUCH-LESS.
  7. For routine maintenance washes, multiply the total water volume by 0.005. Using the same example of 10,000ml, this leads to 50ml of TOUCH-LESS.
  8. Refill the reservoir with water and the calculated amount of TOUCH-LESS. Give it a good shake for a few moments, and you're set to begin.
  9. Feel free to experiment with different dilution ratios and observe the impact TOUCH-LESS has on your vehicle.


For Bottle & Pump Sprayers

  1. Foam generation is not a prerequisite for TOUCH-LESS effectiveness, making it suitable for use in non-foaming devices like an IK sprayer.
  2. Simply dilute the reservoir capacity of your sprayer by 0.005 to 0.02.
  3. As an illustration, a 1-Litre sprayer employed on a heavily soiled vehicle requires the addition of 20ml of TOUCH-LESS to its water.
  4. Give it a brief shake, and you're set to start spraying.
  5. Allow the solution to soak for 1-5 minutes, ensuring that TOUCH-LESS never dries on the surface.
  6. For optimal results, it is recommended to use a pressure washer to remove as much contamination as possible during the rinsing process.


You don't have to exhaust your entire mixture in a single wash. A litre of diluted TOUCH-LESS can stretch across 4-5 washes, contingent on the size of your vehicle!

Apply the solution to cool panels, preferably in shaded conditions. Be cautious not to let it dry.

And remember, maintain the cleanliness of your lances, spray bottles, and triggers for optimal performance.


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