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Whether you prefer your tyres slick and shiny or modestly satin, there's a tyre shine out there for you, and that's a fact. Yet, navigating through the options to find the perfect match can be quite the chore. After all, nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money on a product that falls short of expectations. That's where this article steps in, aiming to shed light on the diverse world of tyre dressings. By the end, you might just discover the ideal one for both you and your beloved tyres.

First on the list and for very good reason - Gyeon q2 Tire 

The revolutionary SiO2-based tyre coating that not only promises durability but also delivers stunning visual enhancement's with its hydrophobic prowess, Q2 Tire effortlessly repels water and pollutants from the rubber surface, ensuring that your tyres maintain a fresh appearance even in challenging weather conditions.

But Q2 Tire doesn't stop there. It goes beyond protection by enhancing the aesthetics of your tyres, giving them a glossy, enamel-like finish and deeply vibrant colour.

And here's the best part – even as the hydrophobic effect wears off over time, the captivating look persists. What sets Q2 Tire apart is its remarkable durability. It remains highly effective in fending off dirt through multiple washes. Its unique ability to permeate the rubber structure ensures that its effects endure, even when faced with high-pressure water application.

Experience the long-lasting brilliance of Q2 Tire – a product that elevates both the resilience and allure of your tyres.


  • Before you start applying, wash the tire. A strong degreaser is recommended. Or give Gyeon q2m Tyre Cleaner a try.
  • Make sure that the surface is clean and dry.

Next up on our tyre dressing list is the twin to Gyeon Q2 Tire. Introducing Gyeon Q²M Tire Express the go-to solution for your daily tyre and rubber dressing needs. This product not only offers an impeccable finish but also boasts a hassle-free application process that anyone can master.

Designed to bring back that pristine "factory fresh" appearance, Q²M Tire Express ensures your tyres maintain their allure for countless miles ahead.

Thanks to its water-based formula, applying Q²M Tire Express is a breeze. Whether you prefer a dry or wet application, it accommodates both effortlessly. With just a single wipe, it spreads seamlessly across the surface without the need for vigorous rubbing, unlike our SiO2-infused Q² Tire.

The result? A deep, natural, and matte visual effect that enhances the tire's aesthetics. Plus, it constructs a protective, self-cleaning layer, warding off dirt even during extended drives in wet conditions.

Experience the simplicity and lasting beauty of Gyeon Q²M Tire Express – a product that not only elevates your tyres' appearance but also ensures they stay cleaner for longer, regardless of the weather.


  • Before you start applying, washing the tire with a strong degreaser is recommended. Or give Gyeon q2m Tire Cleaner a try.
  • Make sure that the surface is clean and dry.

CARPRO DarkSide, the latest addition to the CARPRO lineup – a potent, ready-to-use, and highly concentrated tyre and rubber sealant designed to redefine your tyre care routine.

Crafted with a 60% polydimethylsiloxane (silicone polymer) formula, DarkSide ensures a remarkably swift and effortless application when used with our specialized tyre or microfiber applicators. The result? A stunning satin shine that accentuates your tyres' appearance. And it doesn't stop there – DarkSide boasts renowned self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties, shielding your tyres against UV rays and chemicals. This protective layer significantly extends the lifespan of that fresh, new look.

The best part? Each quick application of DarkSide offers an impressive longevity of up to 3 months, delivering lasting performance and aesthetic enhancement to your vehicle's tyres.

Experience the ease, longevity, and transformative shine of CARPRO DarkSide – a game-changer that keeps your tyres looking their best, effortlessly.

Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum – This advanced conditioner is meticulously crafted to nurture and safeguard all rubber surfaces, ensuring they retain their original lustre.

Formulated with a unique blend of cutting-edge polymers, /ONE: Tyre Serum deeply penetrates rubber, replenishing lost moisture while fortifying it with UV-resistant and hydrophobic polymers. This dual-action approach not only revitalizes the rubber but also shields it with a splendid satin-like finish, reminiscent of its new condition.

The low surface tension of /ONE: Tyre Serum facilitates comprehensive coverage and deep penetration into the rubber, effectively nourishing it and staving off further depletion, discoloration, and cracking. Once cured, its protective shield bolsters resistance against weathering and wash processes, ensuring long-lasting results.

The ultimate outcome? A rich, natural satin finish that not only repels dirt but also encourages self-cleaning properties. Plus, its dry, sling-free finish guarantees that your tyres and trims maintain their impeccable appearance.

Experience the transformative power of /ONE: Tyre Serum – a solution that elevates the beauty of your tyres and rubber trims while providing unmatched protection against the elements.


Meet Stjarnagloss Gummi, your go-to solution for achieving that perfect finish without the hassle.

Gummi boasts an ideal consistency, presenting itself as a light blue cream that effortlessly glides onto rubber and plastic surfaces. Its application is a breeze, ensuring you never use too much or experience any unwanted drips onto your freshly polished paintwork.

After applying Gummi, allow it a few moments to penetrate, then gently buff it using a soft microfiber cloth. The result? A sleek satin finish that not only feels dry to the touch but also remains streak-free even in rainy conditions.

Not only does Gummi beautify your surfaces, but it also has the remarkable ability to revive tired trim by enhancing its colour, effectively bringing it back to life.

For optimal results, apply Gummi approximately once a month, maintaining that exquisite finish you desire for your tyres and trim. Experience the simplicity and brilliance of Gummi – the perfect solution for achieving a lasting, streak-free satin sheen on your vehicle's surfaces.



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