Introducing NEW 360 IK Sprayers

IK Sprayers 360° Bottles

Already hugely popular, The IK Sprayers line has just got even bigger with the introduction of 360° variants. First on the list is the IK MULTI Pro 2 360°

The IK MULTI Pro 2 360° represents the pinnacle of handheld sprayers, honed through continuous refinement to stand as one of the finest in the market. Say goodbye to the fatigue of incessantly pulling triggers back and forth, leading to hand cramps. Make the switch to a pump-up sprayer for a more efficient job completion.

When it comes to wheel cleaning, even the highest-quality cleaner can fall short if not evenly distributed. A pump or sprayer offers superior control, ensuring a consistent spray that can be directed precisely where needed, eliminating missed areas. 

Now featuring the added convenience of a 360° spray, allowing for versatile usage in any orientation. The generous funnel top facilitates easy filling, while the hand pressure pump or safety valve empowers you to control the pressure during use or storage.

With a safety valve calibrated at 2.5 bar, preventing over-pumping and potential damage to sills, this sprayer is designed with user protection in mind. For professionals, the stable base and integrated large funnel streamline processes between uses. Choose from two spray nozzles – a cone for even product distribution or a fan for straight spraying when precision is paramount.

The IK Multi Pro 2 360° also introduces practical features such as color-coded caps for quick internal product identification and a translucent tank to ensure you never mistakenly spray the wrong product.

Next on the list of 360° Sprayers is the IK MULTI TR 1 360°

The IK MULTI TR 1 360° Spray Bottle is an excellent choice for various sectors, including cleaning and disinfection, automotive and vehicle detailing, DIY, industrial applications, and air conditioning. Its innovative design now allows for 360° spraying, even when the bottle is upside down.

This versatile spray bottle simplifies a wide range of detailing tasks. It effortlessly handles jobs that may have posed challenges in the past, especially those requiring the sprayer to be inverted for tasks like wheel arches or interior hood linings. The adjustable conical nozzle provides precision, allowing for a seamless transition between a fine mist and jet settings. Coupled with the ergonomic handle design for comfortable use, the IK Multi TR 1 has become a preferred choice among detailers. IK Sprayers goes the extra mile by incorporating a translucent design with product indicators, ensuring you always know how much product remains.

The wide base and labelled content identifier instil confidence when placing the product down during use and make it easy to grab the correct spray bottle from the cupboard without unnecessary searching. For those in need of a smaller container, consider exploring the IK MINI TR 360 as seen and talked about in the next paragraph. 

The IK Multi TR MINI 360 Sprayer stands out as the perfect instrument for all your cleaning and disinfection tasks, excelling in the application of a diverse range of chemicals like all-purpose cleaners, neutral products, alcohols, alkaline products, and ketones.

This lightweight and convenient trigger sprayer come equipped with a stable base for enhanced steadiness, a color-coded content identification system, and a see-through tank, providing a quick visual check of the liquid level.

What sets the IK Multi TR MINI 360 Sprayer apart is its 360-degree spray action, enabling you to apply substances from various angles, including upside down.

In conclusion, the IK Multi TR series of sprayers, including the IK MULTI TR 1 360°, IK MULTI Pro 2 360°, and MINI TR 360, exemplify a new standard in versatility, efficiency, and user-friendly design for a variety of applications. Whether you're tackling cleaning and disinfection tasks, automotive detailing, or industrial projects, these sprayers offer innovative features such as 360° spraying, adjustable nozzles, and translucent tanks for seamless and precise application of a wide range of chemicals. Their ergonomic designs, stability features, and thoughtful labelling systems make them indispensable tools for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Choose IK Multi sprayers for a superior and hassle-free experience in your spraying needs.

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