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Menzerna Cut Force Pro

Bringing in countless solid reviews, the high-performance polish is in a class of its own. Powerfully removes scratches, sanding and wear marks at top speed. Innovative polishing technology from the Menzerna laboratory ensures maximum removal while maintaining excellent gloss. The polish takes paint repair to a new level, restores the shine to heavily used clear coats and creates a noble deep gloss.

Recommended speed settings per machine -  

  • Rotary:
    Start: 800-1500 rpm -> End: 1800-2000 rpm
  • Orbital:
    Start: Lower rotational speed range ->                                                      End: higher rotational speed range

Step 1 - Heavy Cut

Step 2 - Medium Cut 

Step 3 - Finish

Step 4 - Protection 

Available to purchase in both 250ml & 1l bottles - Here 
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