Synergy Boost

Winter is here, which means that your seasonal detail should soon be on the cards. That's where Infinity Wax Synergy Boost comes in.

What is it? 

Synergy boost is a snowfoam lance applied ceramic sealant concentrate that provides incredible performance from very low dilutions.


What are the features?

Synergy Boost is extremely easy to apply and provides an insane amount of hydrophobicity, some say its performance is to that of a ceramic coating in terms of beading and sheeting. Whilst only using 1.25ml of product per car, This is ideal for maintaining your already coated vehicle or a quick and easy way to protect your uncoated car. In addition it can be used to seal under vehicles and braking components to prevent rust ingress on a short term basis. 


When should I use it in my wash stage?

Apply directly to a wet vehicle after washing away any remaining suds from your contact wash. Simply spray on Synergy Boost followed by rinsing to provide up to 3 months protection.

How much will it cost me?

Synergy Boost is £25 and comes in a 250ml concentrate bottle. 

 Check out the link below for a quick introduction to the product!  


Sometimes a product joins the marketplace and just looks way too good to be true. However with a high volume of positive reviews coming back since its  launch in mid November, Synergy Boost is something every detailer can benefit from throughout every season of the year! 





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