An Introduction to Geist. Leather Care

Who are Geist and why should I be using them?  

Geist is a family-owned business who have been advising and training customers, as well as repairing our customers' valuable leather items since 2012. In the last 10 years, they have trained over 500 trade customers around UK, EU & USA. 

Geist has helped, supplied products and advised over 10,000 customers with leather care and restoration enquiries. Geist products focus on innovations that are efficient and safe for the surfaces treated, our client's health and the environment.

At this time of year (particularly here in the UK) it is always a nightmare for your leather interior. You would imagine that the summer sun is the biggest threat towards high-end upholstery, however it's actually the drop in temperatures that tends to cause the most damage, making them dry and prone to cracking. Geist is here to help keep that luxurious leather in tip top shape. 

Step 1.

Clean with Geist Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

Geist Rapid Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is a gentle powerful cleaner for absorbent leather and vinyl. The pH balanced new generation dirt lifter is 100% soap and solvent free. made from plant and algae based detergents that are readily biodegradable. It ensures flexible surfaces retain their new look optics and softness.

Spray the product onto a cloth and wipe the surface, or spray rapid cleaner onto a sponge to create a foam, and work onto the surface from seam to seam allowing it to lift the dirt from the pores for about 2-3 minutes. Wipe off with a lint free cloth. If needed, leave on difficult stains for longer.

Step 2.

Apply Geist Leather Conditioner 

Geist Leather Conditioner is designed for leather that is no longer new (3 yrs+). It is a micro oil-water emulsion that quickly penetrates into dry leather by overcoming the surface tension. It can reduce or even reverse shrinkage caused by moisture loss and raise the tear-strength of older leathers.

To use, simply Spray Geist Leather Conditioner onto a lint free cloth and spread evenly onto clean top coated leather surface and allow to penetrate slowly away from heat or sun. To maintain softness, apply after every cleaning treatment or once every 3 months. To restore old or hardened leather reapply more frequently and massage into the surface.


Step 3. (optional but very beneficial)

Apply Dye & Friction Blocker

Geist Dye & Friction Blocker offers strong protection from jeans dye, friction damage and seat-belt discolouration on leather, vinyl, PU and similar elastic surfaces. 

With Geist having plant and algae based detergents that are readily biodegradable. Geist is a brand that is sure to stand out from the crowd with their extensive range. So what are you waiting for? Don't be shy. Take a look at the rest of the range now and treat your leather to some much needed love


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