Hidden Gems in Car Detailing

Whether you’re new to car detailing or a veteran, something we can all be guilty of is sticking to what we know and not branching out.

Whether it’s sticking to the same tactics and methods of cleaning your car, or only using the same brands each time you give your car some care. When you do this you can really miss out on some truly hidden gems. That’s what we’re going to have a look at today, some under the radar brands that sometimes you don’t notice at first glance; and who knows maybe they’ll become your new weapons of choice next time it comes to cleaning your car. 

Garage Therapy 

Award winning and UK based, started by a couple of friends with a passion for car care. Garage Therapy has an extensive range of different products which have gone through countless hours of research and development before going to market. So with that you know you’re getting high quality products with world class performance in a product which is created locally and backed by car enthusiasts from across the world. 


Based and created in the USA, Feynlab are well known for their technology driven chemicals which are born out of scientific research. Pioneers in the nanotechnology space and one of the original brands to create and utilise ceramic coatings. With an in-house research team with scientists from Oxford University, Feynlab are consistently breaking new ground with world class results. 


UK based with a feel of Scandinavia. Stjarnagloss have created a unique brand with products that deliver incredible results at affordable prices. Their unique branding is easy to recognise on our shelves so next time you’re in-store, be sure to pick some up. 

Pyramid Car Care

Very new to the scene, being born in 2016 by 3 passionate friends with a vision of creating easy to use detailing products with world class help and support whilst building a community of like minded people. Their original range includes Car Shampoo, Snow Foam and Fallout Remover

2 years later they expanded and created their first Ceramic Coating, with a full range of different levels of ceramic coating being developed. In 2021 they released a brand new range of Carbon Glass Coating

These hidden gems should be on your next order, you won’t regret it. Why not try something new and expand your horizons when next time you come to give your car some love.

Have we missed any out? Let us know!



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