5 Essential Tips To Protect Your Car in the Winter

Snow, rain, slush, salts, grime and freezing temperatures. You wouldn’t go outside in the winter without protecting yourself, so why not do the same for your car? 

We’re going to take a quick look into some true winter essentials as the nights are getting longer, the days are getting shorter and the winter begins to roll in. 

1. Use a Pre Wash

A pre wash will drive into all harmful winter elements which are sitting, uninvited on your paint work without breaking down any waxes or sealants. It’s important you remove all the harmful elements to keep your paint from being damaged. 

For this we recommend Valet-Pro’s Citrus Pre Wash. It’s safe, versatile and highly effective in cleaning both the interior and exterior of your car. It should be used prior to shampooing your car; it removes excess dirt like general road grime and bug splats left by unfortunate creepy crawlies which met their end on the front of your car.

2. Protect Your Paint 

Now the harmful stuff has been safely removed, it’s important to have a layer of protection on your paintwork. We have two products to recommend for perfect protection.

First up we have Gyeon’s Q2m Wet Coat, for easy application and use. This is applied to wet cars with any level of protection. Spray and rinse for an instant and brilliantly easy hydrophobicity booster. It’s ready to use formula gives outstanding results in a simple and quick spray on/rinse off process. Next up is Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax for a longer lasting protection which can see you all the way through the winter. Apply like a traditional liquid wax for an easy and effective long lasting coat on your car. Engineered to be applied by either hand or dual action variable speed polisher, this formula produces a slick, protective and water beading layer that seals your paint from the environment. 

3. Cleaning and Protecting Your Wheels 

Your wheels are the most exposed areas of your vehicle, with direct road contact and lots of areas for grime and road muck to lodge themselves in. So it’s always important for your wheels to be properly cleaned and protected . For cleaning, Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel provides a safe, non acid non alkaline alloy wheel cleaner. These coatings protect the metallic surface from corrosion and provide attractive finishes to road wheels. 

For protection, we recommend Gyeon Q2 Rim; which will set as a coat with extreme durability and make any future wheel cleans more effective and much easier. 

4. Repel Rain from your Windows

It’s not nice trying to drive when you can’t see properly. Angelwax H2GO is the ultimate rain repellent which creates a hydrophobic level of protection, even in the English weather. This surface coating prevents rain and other unexpected water from remaining on the windscreens, windows and makes driving in extreme weather conditions much safer.

5.Use a Car Dryer

It’s the safest way to dry your car after a wash, and will be able to keep your hands nice and warm in the winter months. We have a large selection available but we can recommend the BLO Air S Hand Held Dryer and the Carbon Collective Air Force 1 dryer. For easy and effective car drying that won’t leave any water spots on your car. 


The winter will take a lot out of your car and the best thing you can do is take the time to protect it in the lead up to the winter months. Then when the weather gets warmer you can look into preparing it for the Summer months! The grind never stops. 


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