Carbon Collective Elixir - NEW Salt Remover
Elixir Salt Remover Concentrate acts as a powerful solution to counteract the swift corrosion induced by salt, which leads to the deterioration of chassis and suspension components. This specialized formula not only neutralizes road salt but also actively minimizes corrosion, thereby extending the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

Functioning as a foaming, low-pH pre-wash, Elixir Salt Remover is meticulously crafted to eliminate granular road salt, grit, and inorganic road film. Its foaming properties provide an extended operational window, enabling the gradual breakdown of salt and contaminants. This feature also allows targeted agitation when necessary, facilitating the removal of embedded contaminants and underbody road film.

The formulation of our Salt Remover specifically targets bonded crystallized salt particles on the surface, a task that conventional wash processes or generic cleaning products might not effectively accomplish. Road salt, as it reacts with organic molecules and inorganic substances from the road, creates a coating on the vehicle's surface. Hence, the application of a focused salt remover becomes indispensable for this purpose.

Despite the solubility of salt in water, bonded salt grains prove resistant to removal through pressure washing or hand washing alone. Even prolonged immersion in water only succeeds in eliminating a small percentage of these stubbornly adhered salt particles.

Incorporating Elixir into your wash routine as a crucial two-step pre-wash stage is recommended. Begin by applying Elixir Salt Remover to tackle road salt and inorganic road film, handling the heavy lifting. Follow this with pressure washing or rinsing Elixir, and then utilize our Ultimus Snow Foam or Ultimus+ Snow Foam to neutralize any remaining chemicals from the initial step. This process creates a near-neutral water runoff and effectively eliminates general dirt and grime deposits.

Emphasizing the comprehensive cleaning of the undercarriage and chassis components is essential, given the heightened concentration of salt build-up in these areas. Salt can easily hide between panel gaps or chassis components, hastening the onset of rust and corrosion.

The vulnerability of rubberized underseal on classic cars, becoming brittle and exposing the non-protected metal finish, presents a significant challenge exacerbated by the presence of salt and water. This issue is particularly pronounced in older cars that lack the factory-applied E-coating, a protective process widely introduced in large-scale manufacturing during the 1990s.


Elixir Salt Remover Concentrate can be applied in multiple ways, diluted in a spray bottle, or applied via a snow foam lance or hose adapter.

Pre-soak before snow foaming or washing.

On first use, we suggest a stronger dilution to remove any long-term salt build-up.

  • Apply to the lower half of the vehicle, under arches and chassis.
  • Leave to dwell for 10 minutes, rinse until water runs clear.
  • After removal we suggest protecting with our Helix Anti-Corrosion Spray.

Suggested Dilution Levels:

Deep Clean – Prior to protection
Via Spray Bottle:150ml/850ml Water – pH 4.5
Via Snow Foam Lance:200ml/800ml Water – pH 6.5

Maintenance Clean – Protected with Helix
Via Spray Bottle:100ml/900ml water- pH 6.0
Via Snow Foam Lance:100ml/900ml – pH 6.7
Via Hose Adapter: Neat – pH 6.5

pH levels at various dilutions:

Mixed in a sprayer bottle
50ml mixed 950ml Water = pH 6.1
100ml mixed 900ml Water= pH 6.0
150ml sprayer 850ml Water= pH 4.3
200ml mixed 800ml Water= pH 3.9
250ml mixed 750ml Water= pH 3.8

Snow Foam Lance (10L per minute)
50ml mixed 950ml Water = pH 7.1
100ml mixed 900ml Water= pH 6.7
150ml sprayer 850ml Water= pH 6.6
200ml mixed 800ml Water= pH 6.5
250ml mixed 750ml Water= pH 6.3

Via Hose Applicator

Neat = pH 6.8

Contact Wash Bucket Additive (Additional to Lusso Shampoo)

50ml per 20L bucket = pH 7

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