Infinity Wax Synergy Revolution - NEW Wheel Coating

If you are in search of a high performance ceramic coating designed for wheels, brake callipers, and high impact areas, offering a 2+ year durability and suitable for DIY application or professional use with air sprayer systems, your search ends here!

Introducing Synergy Revolution, the latest wheel coating for 2024, meticulously crafted to surpass all existing options in the UK market. Its user-friendly nature makes it forgiving for DIY enthusiasts without prior coating experience, while professionals can seamlessly integrate Revolution into their workflow, witnessing enhanced results and faster turnaround times.

Crafted from a blend of 7 essential ingredients and technical solvents, primarily sourced from Germany, Revolution incorporates organic polysilazane resin infused with a more robust inorganic variant. This fusion creates an impenetrable barrier capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1400 degrees Celsius, resisting the cyclic cooling effects that degrade traditional coatings swiftly. Adding to its prowess is the inclusion of a Diaminosiloxane additive, commonly found in the aerospace industry, providing thermal stability, chemical resistance, and unexpected flexibility to the typically rigid coating structure.

Synergy Revolution encapsulates advanced material science in an accessible product suitable for all users. With a durability of over 2 years on daily driven vehicles and considered permanent on show or infrequently used vehicles, Revolution offers two application methods. Users can apply it conventionally using an applicator and the included pipette dropper or opt for the upcoming Synergy Air system, a precise application method ideal for permanently coating high-wear and hidden areas, saving time for regular wheel coating. Regardless of the chosen method, users can expect forgiving ease of use and outstanding results, including measurable gloss, slickness, and exceptional water, dust, and dirt repellency. Compatible with all painted wheel finishes, including satin and matte, Synergy Revolution provides a comprehensive solution for various application scenarios.

Incorporating Synergy Revolution into the wash process is crucial. As a last-stage protection product, it should be applied after thorough washing, decontamination, and using Synergy Prep to prepare the wheel or part. Proper surface preparation ensures correct bonding for optimal ceramic coating performance. Rest assured, Synergy Revolution is safe for all painted surfaces, including satin and matte paintwork.

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