Auto Finesse - The Art of Detailing

One of the most recognisable brands on the car detailing, Auto Finesse have been kicking around since 1999. Under the name of JB’s Detailing to start with from a 2 man show in the back of a small van to being a household name in the car scene.

We’ll take a quick look at the story of Auto Finesse and how they grew to become one of the elite in the car care world.


The Birth of AF

Originally named JB's valeting service, offering a mobile valeting service to Hertfordshire, Essex and greater London area. A reputation for offering high quality car care service sees the company move towards working exclusively on higher end vehicles. 



JB’s Valeting is rebranded to Auto Finesse to coincide with the company's move to more in-depth detailing services now being offered. Auto Finesse leads the way in Herts and Essex car detailing services for pushing the boundaries on what is a new and exciting time for the industry as detailing starts to become a more widely recognised service.


The Range is Launched

The first products in the range were launched in Spring 2011, with 7 products covering the basics. The Auto Finesse range is continually developed and 7 products soon turn to 10-12 and onwards to include such products as accessories and microfibre lines.


Global Distribution 

As the product range and brand expands the company begins to gather attention from Europe, Asia and the United States. With the addition of Auto Finesse Thailand, Mexico, Australia as the range developed and the brand became a household name among car enthusiasts worldwide.


Company Expansion

Auto Finesse moves to a new 12'000 sq. facility, in order to keep up with current market demand we produce an average 3968 products per day.



The range hits Halfords retail shelves, 2018 sees an explosion of brand awareness and shelf space follows, the range now being stocked at over 1000 locations including Euro Car Parts and Halfords stores in the UK.


Detailing Academy Launch 

Built to serve the needs of both the enthusiast and professional detailer, the Auto Finesse Detailing Academy is launched, an Aladdin's cave for detailers and home to our flagship store, it hosts a range of services and courses tailored around enthusiasts and professionals needs.


Company Expansion

Company expands into new manufacturing and warehousing facilities to keep up with the demand from Europe and Asia.

Auto Finesse stands among the top of the elite of the car care scene and looks to remain that way in the years to come. With the iconic logo and fresh looking bottle designs, they bring art back to detailing.






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