We’re back with another HOW TO GUIDE from the world of car detailing.

This time we’re looking at how to correctly clean your wheels and the steps involved.

Wheels are often the part of a car which gets the most filthy and for good reason!

Being closest to the road surface the amount of dirt, grime and filth they pick up is enough to turn anyone's nose.
But the job has to be done! Luckily, we have so many products available which make this seemingly filthy job easy and smooth as possible. 

To start with, here at My Car Cleaning we would recommend starting your car detailing process with cleaning your wheels. Being often the dirtiest parts of the car it’s best to get them out the way first. 

Step 1 - Rinse your wheels

What you want to be doing first is using your pressure washer or hose to soak your wheels. In nothing special yet, just plain of H2o. This will aid in removing any loose dirt or muck that's sticking to your wheels. Making it that bit easier later.

Step 2 - Apply your designated cleaning product

In order to get some of the best results, you want to spray your wheels with a dedicated wheel cleaner. These solutions battle grime and dirt that can be hidden to the naked eye and most products will show them in all their glory as a shade of purple.

There are many on the market but as an example you can use Bilt Hamber's Auto Wheel,  one of our top sellers. Spray onto affected areas of the wheels, leave for 3-4 minutes (this time can vary depending on the product so be sure to check description) and watch as the solution works its magic. 

In most cases you’ll start to see a purple colour start to appear, this is the solution doing its job so don’t worry..

After 3-4 minutes (or the allocated time depending on the product) use a mini wheel brush such as the MCC Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes and start to agitate the solution, this will allow it to get into the nooks and crannies of the wheels and battle any hidden brake dust or general grime. 

Step 3 - Rinse and repeat!

Next just rinse off and see some instant results.

Repeat this on all four wheels.

Now you may want to do the same process on the same wheels you've just done. Yes, I know it's extra work but you may find spots the original spraying missed. So give another spray, wait for the purple and rinse off again. Better safe than sorry!

Step 4 - Get stuck in

Now you can just leave the wheel cleaning process there if you like, however if you want to get even more stuck in; follow the next steps.

Using your regular car shampoo, soak up a wheel brush such as the Valet-Pro Large Ultra Soft Brush and get right inside the wheels and the bits you can't see. These may be the dirtiest parts of the wheels, so don't neglect them! 


Maintenance washes can be so important when looking after your car. Brake dust can collect on wheels and become corrosive, so it’s advised to keep on top of your wheels. As this dust can strip the finish off your wheels, making them look nasty and worn.

Having nice shiny wheels can make such a difference to the appearance of the whole car come the end. So roll up your sleeves, get stuck in and get it done!

Your car will thank you later.

What products do you recommend and what do you prefer to use?

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