The Gyeon Way

QUALITY, DURABILITY and EASE OF USE. That’s the Gyeon way.



One of our favourite brands here at My Car Cleaning is the always innovative Gyeon.

In the last decade, Gyeon has expanded its operation to over 90 countries on 6 different continents. With a 1500+ Certified Detailer network and over 625 resellers, Gyeon delivers products, services and an outstanding technical support worldwide.



“We are proud to manufacture our products in our own, modern facility in the heart of South Korea. We formulate and mix all of our products in house. With extensive raw material and packaging reserves, we are prepared to meet rapidly increasing demand. Using the technical know-how and experience of our staff we are also able to offer chemicals to OEM customers, empowering brands to grow and offer their own tailor made formulations.”

Gyeon have quite literally changed the game, with some of their products innovating the car care industry. From their Q²M Wet Coat, the first ready to use SiO2 Hydrophobicity boosting spray to the Q²M Bathe Essence, the world’s most concentrated detailing shampoo at a dilute ratio of 1:1000!





The spirit of the Gyeon lives on in its packaging design. Having one of the most iconic and recognisable branding in the car care world. From modern, frozen effect glass bottles for their coatings through to the crystal-shaped, fully custom PET bottles for the Q²M maintenance range. 


We're obviously huge fans of Gyeon here, but are you? 

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