SNOW FOAM - How To Guide

One of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing products in the car detailing world is snow foam. 

You’ve all seen the amazing photos of cars looking like they’ve been showered in white paint and the satisfying videos of people spraying the foam onto their cars.

But how do you actually use it and how does it work?

We’ll take you through a dead quick guide on how to use snow foam for effective and easy use. 

Step 1 - Choose your snow foam

There is a wide selection of amazing brands that we stock here at My Car Cleaning so we won’t go ahead and list them all but we’ll give you some of the our best sellers. 

Bilt Hamber’s Auto Foam, Carbon Collective’s Ultimus Snow Foam and Gyeon’s Q2m Foam are some of our favourites. But be sure to check out our full range HERE.

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam

Step 2 - Rinse the car

We always recommend spraying snow foam onto a wet car. This way you can get most of the top layer of dirt off the car before the foaming starts. So fire up the pressure washer and give your motor a quick rinsing down. 

Step 3 - Fill your lance

If you have your snow foam, you’ll need a snow foam lance. A snow foam lance is the container in which the foam goes into. We recommend the Autobrite Direct Snow Foam Lance. Simply pour and dilute with water if necessary. Every different brand may have a different ratio of water to formula so be sure to check this on the packaging. This bit is vital as it can effect the foaminess of your product, and you want as much foam as possible don't you?

Step 4 - Connecting your lance 

It’s no good having your snow foam if you can’t spray it. Make sure to connect your snow foam lance to your pressure washer. A snow foam lance will have a connector to the pressure washer and this can vary so be sure to have the correct connector to your washer. 

Step 5 - Spray, baby!

Now this is where the fun begins! The bit everyone enjoys. Find a good fan spread on the lance and begin to spray your car on one side; ideally from bottom to top in a horizontal line. There’s no point spraying erratically as it just isn't as efficient, despite maybe looking better. Spraying in a horizontal way also allows you to easily track where you have sprayed so you’re not wasting time going over the same spots. The reason we advise spraying from bottom to top is the lower end of your car is often where the car gets dirtiest. Therefore leaving the solution there for that little bit longer will have better results whilst you foam the rest of the car. 

Next move up and walk the length of the car and repeat until the whole exterior of the car is covered in white foam.

Step 6 - Wait...

Snow foam doesn't magically remove dirt the second it touches it. So give it a few minutes for the solution to really tackle the dirt and grime from your car. Don't leave it too long however or the foam will start to dry onto your car and be harder to get off. Try avoid spraying in direct sunlight to avoid the foam drying quicker but we get this may be difficult so it's not essential. 

Step 7 - Spray it down

Once you’ve waited a few minutes for the chemicals to finish battling the muck of the roads. Detach the snow foam lance and spray your car with just water from the pressure washer, once again from bottom to top. By this point the snow foam would’ve softened and loosened up any dirt and grime, making the horrible stuff leave your car seamlessly and easily.

Step 8 - Follow up

Next follow up with whatever method you like to continue washing your car. Whether that’s shampooing or applying ceramic wax etc. Then dry using a microfibre towel such as the Sam's Detailing Drying Towel or a specific blow dryer, such as the BLO AIR S Hand Held Car Dryer

And that’s it! Much easier than it sounds, and a quick 5 minute job can lead your car looking grime free and fresh and ready for the summer. 

If you’d like to see us do more How To guides let us know on our socials!





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