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The Nissan Skyline R34, Subaru Impreza, Toyota Supra and the Honda engine which powered Max Verstappen to his first Formula 1 World Championship. When it comes to automotive manufacturing, the Japanese have always been at the forefront. 

That’s why we’re super excited to be stocking a brand which comes from the heart of Japan. Soft99 are a legendary brand of car care products which have been on the market for over 65 years. 

Over the half century and more they’ve been on the scene, the company has designed solutions that meet not only the current needs but also responding to the challenges of tomorrow and setting trends in the world of car detailing and vehicle care. 

"World class Japanese technology"

Using years and years of experience, world class Japanese technology and a precise vision for the future, allowed to create such recognisable and cult product lines such as Fusso Coat waxes and Ultra Glaco.

"Perfectionism, transparency and responsibility"

Perfectionism, transparency and responsibility are the pillars of the Soft99 brand and the foundations of its strategy. The verification of quality is permanently inscribed in the process of product design so that the solutions delivered to customers are always perfectly tailored, technologically perfect and thoroughly tested. Soft99 operating on the Japanese market is subject to one of the strictest regulations in the world. The Japan Industrial Standard Committee, a government organisation established for the purpose of implementing and enforcing regulations on chemical products, is a guardian of industrial quality, setting strict standards and methods of their verification.

If their words don’t inspire you to try them out then I don’t know what will.

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