We are excited to announce that Mynt Automotive is now available to purchase both instore and online! 

Some of you will be familiar with Mynt which was originally launched back in 2015. It was a small company however managed to obtain customers throughout the north & south of Ireland, mainland Uk and even many other EU countries.

A couple of years forward the business unfortunately closed, stopping trading then eventually changed hands. Almost 5 years later they've now rebranded the entire business, reformulated the full range of products whilst adding more and repackaging everything. A complete revamp!

Mynt didn’t want to just launch another car cleaning brand and follow suit of the 100’s of other different brands available, some of which are great and some of which are …. You know what!

Instead, Mynt wanted to bring the brand back to life offering nothing short of pure class throughout the range, great detailing products, sleek & sexy packaging and just an all-round great brand for any euthenist to want to be part of.

Redevlopment has taken a long time and everyone's patience has been greatly appreciated, thank you. We hope you can now be happier with some Mynt Automotive back in your detailing pack again! As the saying goes “good things take time”.

Here is a full list of the products we are stocking:

Mynt All Surface Wheel Cleaner 1L

Mynt Psycho Citrus Pre-Wash 1L

Mynt Snowfoam Pre-Wash 1L

Mynt Luxurious Lubricating Shampoo 500ML

Mynt Ultra Foamy Shampoo 500ML

Mynt Iron Decontamination Delete 1L

Mynt H20 Rinse Aid 1L

Mynt High Gloss Multi Detailer 500ML

Mynt Tyre & Trim Creme 500ML

Mynt Multi Surface Interior Cleaner 500ML

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