Citrus Pre Wash - Why It Should Be Used

Citrus Pre Wash is possibly the most essential step in the wash routine when it comes to preventing swirls and scratches from appearing on your paint. Especially during the winter months, we find ourselves in a constant battle with harsh conditions consisting of extreme levels of road salt & grime. Having this contamination between your paint and wash mitt is one big recipe for disaster. That's where a Citrus Pre Wash comes in to save the day. 

Before talking about its performance and benefits, its worth mentioning that Citrus Pre Wash & Snow Foams are two different forms of Pre Wash. However both will work hand in hand with each other when it comes to the removal of the tough contamination we see all year round. 

The overall role of a Pre Wash is to weaken sticky mud, bug splats and any contamination that just becomes a headache throughout the year. It will lift and carry the dirt away itself off the surface of the car. 

The car will then be further cleaned when you remove the remaining Pre Wash from the paint surface with a pressure washer. One huge advantage the Pre Wash will give you before cleaning the car with a shampoo wash, is that any existing Coatings or waxes applied to the car will remain undamaged prolonging the durability they provide.   

To get even better results, spray a snow foam of your choice on top of the Pre-Wash. The snow foam and the pre-wash combined create a powerful combination that can take care of any stubborn build up and all you have to do next is to rinse them off with a pressure washer. The blend of these two detailing agents, leave little to no work for shampoo and the rest of the car wash becomes a piece of cake. Just make sure that you are preparing the solution properly for each of these cleaning solutions as recommended on the label so that you get the best results.



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