Matte Finishes and How to Maintain them

So you’ve recently bought a new car with a matte finish. You’ve taken a few pictures, put them on your Instagram with the hashtag #mattelife and you’ve taken it to your friends’ house to show off. But then you have the sudden realisation, how do I wash this thing?!


Because you can’t let it get dirty but you don’t want to ruin the finish by using traditional chemicals and washes. Today we’ll take a look at the best ways to wash and care for a car with a matte finish to make sure you know what to do.

To start with it should be every 2-3 weeks between washes and using specific matte paint sealants and ceramic coating. The paint should also be decontaminated using a matte paint cleanser and iron fallout remover every 6-12 months. Matte cars cannot be clayed or polished.

Realistically caring for a matte finished car shouldn’t be much different from caring for a car with a gloss finish but there are a couple of pointers to keep in mind.

Matte cars should only be washed with a microfibre wash mitt and wax free shampoo which does not contain any gloss-enhancing agents. Giving it a thorough pre wash using a pressure washer and pre wash chemical or snow foam is recommended. Then, once the car has been washed dry using a microfiber towel as said before.

Keeping on top of it would be the main thing, to keep it looking brand new. You’ll need to be sure to wash it regularly and keep the paintwork looking fresh and clean. 




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