Valet-Pro - Their Journey

Founded in 2005, Valet-Pro have moved up the ranks and become one of the mainstays in the car detailing world. Based in the UK, Greg Spink founded Valet-Pro after working many years as a professional detailer.

In 2005, Greg wanted to create his own range of high class professional detailing products. This range is created in line with his early aspirations: creating products that are reliable, low priced and easy to use. 


As a company, Valet-Pro now boasts an extensive range of car cleaning products and solutions as well as accessories which are now exported to over thirty countries across the world.

Let’s take a look at their timeline and see where they started up until now.



Valet-Pro founder Greg Spink started working as a Professional Detailer



Valet-Pro Ltd was officially founded



Valet-Pro first move to a much larger warehouse in Framfield, East Sussex in the south of England.


Greg and the team moved to an EVEN larger warehouse in Golden Cross, East Sussex in Southern England.


They acquired a second warehouse in Golden Cross, East Sussex to keep up with the increasing high demand for world class and affordable products.


Valet-Pro moved into a brand new purpose built 12,000 sq. warehouse in Newhaven, UK.


Celebration of 15 years as a company!

Valet-Pro’s first class products are backed by a strong support unit, including in-house research and development team. This includes hands-on product development and a professional in house detailer to help their clients and customers tackle any vehicle cleaning problems by getting the very best out of their products.

One of our best selling brands here at My Car Cleaning and also one of our best selling products is Valet-Pro's Citrus Pre-Wash. So as you can tell we are huge admirers for Valet-Pro and their journey and we hope to see more from them in the future!





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