Lets Talk Panel Impact Ratio (PIR)


The above Graphic illustrates how to calculate the Panel Impact Ratio (PIR) For Bilt Hamber Auto Foam.

The same process is to be applied when working out the Panel Impact Ratio (PIR) for any other product that recommends using this method to work out the correct dilution.  

Bilt Hambers newest formula of TOUCH-LESS is based around the following percentages: 0.5% for maintenance, up to 2% for very dirty vehicles.

If you have looked at the illustration and still find yourself a little confused, the instructions below should help explain in greater detail.

For Snow Foam Lances

  1. Fill the reservoir to its maximum capacity with plain water.
  2. Turn the dilution knob clockwise to its closed setting ('thickest' foam) 
  3. Discharge the lance into a bucket, monitoring the reservoir until it is empty.
  4. Once the reservoir is empty, stop.
  5. Now, you'll need a measuring jug.
  6. For a 2% dilution (for very dirty vehicles), measure the amount of water in your bucket and multiply this amount by 0.02. For example, if the total amount of water used is 10,000ml (10L), you would need 200ml of TOUCH-LESS.
  7. For maintenance washes, multiply the total amount of water used by 0.005. For instance, 10,000ml would require 50ml of TOUCH-LESS.
  8. Refill the reservoir with water and the appropriate amount of TOUCH-LESS. Shake for a few moments, and you're ready to go.
  9. You can experiment with different dilution ratios to see the effect TOUCH-LESS has on your vehicle.

For trigger and pump sprayers:

  • Foam generation isn't necessary for TOUCH-LESS to work effectively, so you can confidently use it in a non-foaming IK sprayer or similar device.
  • Simply dilute your sprayer's reservoir capacity by 0.005 up to 0.02. For example, a 1-litre sprayer used on a very dirty vehicle would require 20ml of TOUCH-LESS added to its water.
  • Shake for a few moments, and you're ready to spray.
  • Allow the solution to soak for 1-5 minutes, but never let TOUCH-LESS dry.
  • Using a pressure washer is recommended to remove as much contamination as possible.


  • It's not necessary to use all of your mixture in one wash. One litre of diluted TOUCH-LESS can last for 4-5 washes, depending on the vehicle size.
  • Apply to cool panels, ideally in shaded conditions.
  • Do not allow the solution to dry.
  • Ensure lances and spray bottles/triggers are kept clean.

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