Gyeon - The REdesign

The highly popular Gyeon range is set to undergo exciting design changes. These updates are designed to enhance user experience, ensuring a smooth and seamless interaction every time.

For the first time ever, all Q2m maintenance products will come with sprayers mounted from the factory. New unique sprayers have shark teeth on the bottleneck to ensure the seal is tight at all times. All products now have two ISO-compliant child-resistant systems. 

The iconic crystal bottle shape both upper and lower has been kept the same. 

Gyeon have transformed the look of the whole line up, by changing the bottle colours.

All exterior cleaning and maintenance products will come in semi-transparent GYEON-blue bottles with matching sprayers. All wheel and tyre products come in black bottles with black sprayers. All interior, leather and fabric products are in white bottles with transparent sprayers. Glass products come in traditional, fully transparent bottles with transparent sprayers. Our absolute unicorn and star-product Q²M WetCoat keeps as the only one his bright orange bottle.


There has been an increase in the size of the product name for better readability. Removing some of the usual content allowed to include three benefit icons, highlighting the most important features of each product. All labels are made of the highest quality raw materials and are water and chemical-proof, to ensure they remain informative and good-looking in every environment.

Since the bottles have a much more elegant and reserved look, Gyeon went very bold with the colours of labels.
The new bottles are 100% recyclable. With the new design, Gyeon are committed to using up to 20% of recycled raw materials. This percentage will rise as soon as the technology allows us to increase it without loss of quality and presence.

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