Goodwood Festival of Speed DAY 4 - Sunday

Fourth and final day at Goodwood Festival of Speed, and surely things can’t out do what the last few days have brought us. I was under the impression that after four days of being here, there was nothing left to surprise me. How wrong I was. 

We’ve had records smashed, legends taking the hill and stars of the now giving fans a moment to remember. 

Starting at the top of the hill, we saw a batch of the latest and most modern supercars. Some of which were out of this world, such as the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, and if you hadn't guessed it, that 300+ stands for 300mph. THREE HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR. It still staggers me after seeing the original Bugatti Veyron on Top Gear setting the record at 253mph.

Later on I got the privilege of seeing one of my heroes drive in another one of my heroes’ cars. 

The Flying Finn himself and the 1998 and 1999 Formula 1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen driving the McLaren MP4-5B which used to be piloted by Aryton Senna. Truly a spectacle to see.

Later, we saw the man with the mustache Nigel Mansell driving “Red 5” his 1992 Williams FW15B up the hill and park in front of the Goodwood house and he even had a chance to shake hands with fans old and new. 

And then finally, Mr Saturday or Mr Consistent or whatever you want to call him; George Russell - the new star of Mercedes F1 took the 2019 car out for a bit of a spin. I tell you, I have not seen a crowd like that all weekend when he walked up. The young man even had a chance for selfies and autographs before spinning his way up the hill, making many F1 fans’ day. 

After all the excitement, it came down to this; the timed shootout up the hill. We had seen glimpses of which would be the fastest cars up the hill. Travis Pastrana set the pace on Friday in his 862-horsepower Subaru GL estate. But nothing prepared us for what happened next. Max Chilton, ex F1 and Indycar driver took a McMurtry Spéirling, a single-seated, pure-electric track car that has a power-to-weight ratio of 1,000hp/tonne with a weight of under 2,205 pounds (1,000 kilograms). It can sprint to 60mph in under 1.5 seconds – quicker than a Bugatti Chiron. The anticipation for this car on the timed run was immense, and he did not disappoint. Finishing on top of the timing sheets by nearly 6 seconds and breaking the all time record in the process, smashing a 39.08 second run up the hill to make him the fastest man ever at Goodwood. What a moment to witness.

And with that the festival comes to a close. What a truly remarkable weekend it has been and thank you to our good friends at Gyeon for allowing us to come down and experience it. Now, someone pass me the after-sun, because I am a little burnt.





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