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Ceramic Wax blends advanced nanotechnology with the very best of conventional waxes, to create an incredibly easy to use car wax, that offers 5-6 months paint protection, enviable gloss and hydrophobicity that creates water beading to rival leading hybrid ceramic waxes. Infused with a unique scent, Ceramic Wax is one detailing product you won’t forget in a hurry.

Use as a standalone wax or apply over the top of Ceramic Coatings such as Premium Ceramic Coating or Ceramic Coating Pro.



The best of both worlds, Ceramic Wax harnesses sophisticated nanotechnology in the form of SiO2, with the very best of conventional waxes including Carnauba and synthetic waxes.

Recently reviewed and tested by Detailing World and The Review Warriors this hard wax has been described as “Going on like butter” and “The beading and sheeting properties are absolutely amazing” – by Mat at Detailing World.

This wax is a collaboration between Pyramid Car Care and ODK (a car wax specialist)


How to apply Ceramic Wax

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the car first
  2. Use a panel wipe or IPA to prepare the surfaces for application
  3. Apply Ceramic Wax in either a crisscross or circular pattern
  4. After 5-10 minutes wipe away the excess residue with a clean microfibre cloth
  5. Then gently buff the paintwork with a second clean microfibre cloth

For best results allow the wax to cure for 4 hours without driving or getting the vehicle wet


Top tips to help you get the most out of Ceramic Wax

  1. The cleaner the paintwork the better the bond
  2. Apply the wax very thinly for best results and to reduce wastage – the wax should be barely visible during application, if you have thick visible layers of wax on the surface, you will have an excess or wastage of wax.
  3. You can apply the wax over Ceramic Coatings to enhance gloss, water behaviour and durability of the ceramic coating



How many cars will 1 jar of Ceramic Wax (100ml) cover?

30-40 cars.

One of the joys of using a wax, is regularly applying the wax, to keep the car looking it’s best. This Wax could easily last 3 years, with as regular as monthly top up applications.


Is Ceramic Wax classed as a Ceramic Coating?

No. This unique and sophisticated formula includes SiO2 but is not a pure SiO2 Ceramic Coating like Ceramic Coating Premium or Ceramic Coating Pro, as it also includes a blend of Carnauba wax and Synthetic Waxes.


What’s the difference between Ceramic Wax and Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Wax will last for 5-6 months, and can be reapplied regularly like a traditional wax.

Whereas our Ceramic Coatings offer between 2 years and 5 years paint protection with a single application, and regular maintenance.


What is the shelf life?

5 years from opening.


What products do you recommend using after applying Ceramic Wax?

Wax safe or pH neutral shampoos and pre washes.

Our Snow Foam and Ultra Shampoo are safe to use.

If you are using our Citrus Prewash we recommend diluting the product first, from 5:1 to 10:1.

We do not recommend using any harsh chemicals on cars with Ceramic Wax applied.

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