PMB 25 Litre MB-151 Mixed Bed DI Resin

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  • Advanced Mixed Bed Technology Ensures Maximum Removal of Ionic Contamination
  • Excellent Chemical and Physical Stability
  • 100% Virgin (Non Regenerated) Resin Beads
  • Specifically Designed for Treatment of Hard Water (>250ppm)
  • WQA Gold seal of Approval


Prowater PMB-151 mixed bed DI resin is designed with power as the key factor; it boasts an extended service life and high performance capabilities, proficient in removing stubborn ionic contaminants. The use of sulfonated strong acid cations ensures cation exchange across the entire pH range, which, when paired with type 1 strong base anions, favoured for high temperature applications, ensures maximum ion removal whilst maintaining excellent chemical and physical stability.


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