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NexPTG devices are the most innovative wireless thickness gauges on the market. NexPTG devices perform 10 measurements per second and show very precise readings, what is more, it can be used to check virtually any car. NexPTG automatically recognizes and tests the lacquer coating on steel and aluminium elements.

NexPTG – Economic Plus: An economical, and at the same time very practical version of the NexPTG lacquer thickness gauge, enabling fast, accurate and intuitive testing of steel elements of the vehicle. The meter has a movable spherical probe, which facilitates measurements also on the concave and convex parts of vehicles.


NexPTG Economic Plus is a base model of the meter in the extended version, which allows you to perform fast and precise measurements on steel elements of the car.

The device has been equipped with a profiled point probe that allows the user to test also the rounded surfaces of the vehicle.

The combination of the device and the phone gives great opportunities unattainable for traditional meters.

The Economic Plus version enables effective test the thickness of the lacquer coat.

The meter automatically interprets the obtained results, informing the user about the current condition of the coating.

This is the most modern device of its kind on the market.


Professional software

NexPTG has a dedicated application. You can install it on any mobile device equipped with iOS or Android.

The dedicated application will allow you to examine the lacquer coat with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

Thanks to the Lacquer Coating Analysis System, you can analyse the lacquer on the surface of the entire body in an instant, and the application will help you interpret the results of measurements.

No other device on the market offers such possibilities.

Minimum system and hardware requirements for the NexPTG mobile application

  • Android: telephone, tablet

Android 4.3 or later, Bluetooth with Bluetooth Low Energy

  • iOS: telephone, tablet

System iOS 8 or later, iPhone 5s or later

  • Android Wear: Smartwatch

Any smartwatch with this system


Set contains

  • NexPTG device
  • calibration set
  • instruction manual
  • set of alkaline batteries
  • box



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