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Since the launch of the ever popular standard scrub pads there has been a debate regarding their safety on more delicate surfaces like leather for example.
We are not going to get involved on either side of the debate but decided perhaps we should design a slightly different scrub pad to give customers the option of a safer option.

Now we didn't want to completely reinvent the wheel which is why from the image you will still see one side of these scrub pads still have the same slightly stiffer white bristles that are excellent for textured plastics, pedals, around the engine bay etc.

In comparison to the standard scrub pads that have a simple flat grey microfibre side, these scrub pads feature a deeper microfibre pile (slightly stiffer than a plush microfibre cloth but less so than the white bristles on the other side).  The gentler blue microfibre pile can be used on more sensitive surfaces without any issues.  If a deeper clean is required then you can always switch over to the stiffer white bristles!

Clean after use with APC under a tap or in a bucket of water, wring out and leave to air dry

Size: 13x9cm

Please note, these scrub pads have a thinner layer of internal foam than the standard scrub pads.  These are purely designed as a cleaning/scrub pads, not to absorb solution (although naturally as they are microfibre they will still absorb some).  We recommend that once you have scrubbed a surface clean to follow up with a clean microfibre to scoop up any liquid.

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