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Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer - Use for that impossible to remove pet hair that sticks to car carpets and home upholstery no matter how much you vacuum! Now, with just a few sweeps of the MINI PET HAIR DETAILER, you can remove years of embedded and woven-in fur in no time. Built to last, and easy to hold, with a specially engineered cleaning blade that stays grippy for years and won't harm carpets, fabrics, plastic, wood or chrome in your car, we think this will be your new favorite tool for fighting fur! Great for families with Labradors, Beagles, Pugs, Boxers, Chows, and any sweet mutt with straight, short or wiry fur!

Powerful Pet Hair Remover!

Use the Mini Pet Hair Remover to clean embedded pet hair from couches, carpets, clothes, cat trees, and anywhere else pet hair gets stuck!

Lilly's Story..

In 2010, after adopting a fluffy Australian Shepherd named Lilly, founder Elsie Hamilton went to the local pet store to buy a pet hair remover, and found only old-fashioned sticky rollers.

Why had nobody had come up with a less wasteful, more time efficient solution to such a universal problem?

Since then, Elsie has invented eight Lilly Brush products at her kitchen counter. Each product is responsibly designed to last for years, and to be quite simply, amazingly effective!

By purchasing a Lilly Brush product, you are supporting a small business, and we sincerely thank you!

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