Kranzle Ventos 32 L/PC Wet & Dry Vacuum

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KRANZLE Ventos 32 L/PC Wet & Dry Vacuum order no. 580000

The New Generation Ventos Vacuum Cleaner.

Maximum usable volume:
The cutting-edge construction processes maximise the available container capacity for using a filter bag. The bag can use much more of the space inside the container compared to the filter bags of similar machines.

Electronically adjustable suction control:
The suction power control allows the suction to be adjusted to the required level. This makes it impossible for nozzles or power tools to "stick" to smooth surfaces due to too much suction.

Neat and sturdy arrangement:
The compact structure with its low centre of gravity guarantees a firm foothold even on rough surfaces and during transport in vehicles. The compact design with on-board accessory storage is easy to manoeuvre even carrying on scaffoldings and stairs.

May have Euro Type Mains Plug as standard and will come with adaptors


Features & Benefits

Accessories bracket, practical storage for the standard accessories

Folding ergonomically shaped carry handle

Device socket with start-up and automatic deactivation, Easy to use dust extractor function when connected to drilling or cutting power tools

Electronic suction power control, adjustable turbine power


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