Infinity Wax Zero Water Waterless Wash

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3 in 1 Waterless Cleaning System

Zero Water allows you to safely clean & protect your vehicle in areas with water restrictions or hose pipe bans. The product can be used 3 different ways making it highly versatile!

  1. Spray directly on your vehicle and wipe clean using a soft microfibre
  2. No rinse wash by adding a small amount to a bucket
  3. waterspot and bird dropping remover

Spray and wipe:

Move your car to a shaded area and wait for it to cool down. Avoid using zero water if your vehicle is excessively dirty, for example, an off-road vehicle. Working on 1 panel at a time, spray zero water until the panel is saturated with product. Wait up to 30 seconds after application then remove the product residue in straight lines without using pressure. Always use a new or clean microfibre of good quality for this process. After removal, use a second clean towel to lightly buff over the panel. this will bring out the gloss and slickness of the product, once you have completed these steps your done! 

No rinse wash: 

Zero Water is highly concentrated and can be used as a no rinse wash with added protection. Simply fill a wash bucket with 10L of cold water. Add 50ml of zero water to the solution and mix well. Using a wash mitt or similar, thoroughly saturate the mitt in the solution then remove and allow most of the water to fall back into the bucket. Once the mitt is wet but not full of water or heavily saturated, begin to wipe it over the vehicle 1 panel at a time in straight lines. regularly rinse the mitt in the bucket and fold the wash mitt over if required. Avoid using excess pressure. once you have washed the panel, take a clean dry microfibre and wipe over to remove the excess solution. 

Bird dropping removal:

Spray Zero Water liberally on the area in question, fold a paper towel or similar, and place on the contamination the spray more product to saturate the towel and stick it to the panel. Allow 5 mins to dwell then gently wipe away. 

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