Infinity Wax WAX ON Si02 Shampoo 500ml

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Powerful Si02 Shampoo Designed to Add protection To Your Vehicle

Use WAX ON for a quick and easy way to add protection to your vehicle without carrying out any extra steps. 

What is it? WAX ON is an Si02 infused car shampoo with mind blowing results. Wash your car as normal with this product and expect to see seriously impressive beading when it rains. 

What's it made from? WAX ON combines gentle PH neutral surfactants that originate from sugar cane, this makes the product completely sustainable but also gentle on the vehicle and the skin of the user. To compliment this we have injected the formula with a powerful yet forgiving Si02 resin emulsion. This takes even the most neglected paintwork to a stunning gloss, while delivering thoroughly decent water behaviour. 

What are the features? WAX ON allows you to simply wash your vehicle and add protection at the same time. This is of course a time saver but also a reliable way to maintain your vehicle in the colder months, it takes a few weeks for the protection to wear off so you can rely on its performance to! 

How does it fit into the wash process? WAX ON should be used as a contact wash product after pre-washing. There are 2 ways you can potentially use this product: 

  1. Add to a wash bucket, then wash the car as normal. You can also add a few drops to your wash mitt and this will substantially boost the water behaviour of the product. 
  2. After your pre wash, apply WAX ON via a snowfoam lance and contact wash your vehicle, ensuring you have a rinse bucket to hand. This is a quicker way to use the product, especially if its very cold outside. Always rinse the vehicle thoroughly after use and avoid using if the paintwork is warm to the touch or in direct sunlight. 



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