Infinity Wax Tuscan Leather Limited Edition Spray Air Freshener 250ml

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Intense Strength Premium Liquid Car Fragrance

A luxury inspired by Tuscan Leather fragrance spray with added fixatives for great durability

What is it? Our liquid spray air fresheners are blended to enhance fragrance projection, durability on textiles and be safe on all surfaces. 

Top Note: Birch-tar, leather accord
Middle Note: Moroccan Jasmine and thyme
Base Note: Saffron, raspberry

What's it made from? Our liquid air fresheners are manufactured from a technical blend of isopropyl, fixatives, emulsifiers, and a small amount of distilled water. This allows them to be incredibly strong while also remaining pure and safe for use inside enclosed spaces such as your vehicle. Because they contain no ethanol, animal products, or enzymes, they also meet the basic requirements of Halal.

What are the features? A fragrance that lasts in your car for a week+ is great, but one that contains no harsh chemicals is even better. Our liquid air fresheners not only meet these criteria but offer amazing value with up to 367 sprays per bottle! Combine that with the luxury fragrance options such as inspired by Creed and inspired by 1 million you can have a 10/10 fragrance for less than £10.00, which is an absolute bargain. 

How does it fit into the wash process? Our air fresheners can be used at any time, but are most effective when used on clean fabrics or after deep cleaning or steam cleaning. Spray some directly on to the mats of your car, on to roof linings or seat belts for best results. 

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