Infinity Wax Super Glaze 500ml

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Effortlessly Enhances Paintwork Gloss, Hides Swirls & Scuffs


What is it? Super Glaze is a non-abrasive polish with a heavy filling ability, gloss enhancing polymers, and a levelling agent for ensuring a smooth perfect finish on your paint. It also provides a short protective layer and can be used to polish glass effectively. 

What's it made from? Super Glaze is water based, contains no oils or aggressive solvents and has no added powders or chalks so you never get the dreaded white marks on your plastic trim and rubbers! Its modern formulation allows you to easily spread the product by hand polishing or even using a machine, and remove the residue effortlessly. You will never have any smearing or difficulty removing this product, and you can even leave it to cure for long periods of time and it will still buff off in seconds. 

What are the features? If you need to make your car look its best, but don't want to machine polish it, then Super Glaze is the product you need. Not only does it dramatically fill in paintwork defects, but the product has a chemical cleansing effect that will remove light surface contamination such as small tar spots and some types of embedded contaminants that you would often need to remove with clay. This leaves the surface very smooth and the incorporated polymers leave a dramatic improvement in gloss, colour depth, and shine. In addition it also leaves behind a 1 week protective layer, allowing you some time to add protection to the car after the glaze application. It can also be used as a glass polish to help remove stubborn water marks and contamination  

How does it fit into the wash process? Glaze should be used after your vehicle has been cleaned and dried, and for best results a chemical decontamination before applying. You should use Super Glaze to enhance the vehicle's appearance followed by an application of a wax or sealant to lock in the results. Our suggestion would be Supergloss+ wax. 

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