Garage Therapy /TWO: Sigma V3

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/TWO: SIGMA V3 is a hybrid spray sealant and detailer infused with the very latest Si02 raw materials and nano chemistry to provide outstanding hydrophobics, slickness and gloss. Designed to prolong ceramic coatings and sealants with a strong focus on enhancing visual depth, slickness and water repellency. 


/TWO: SIGMA V3’s performance has been tuned to give 9 weeks durability in a single application and can be layered to enhance and prolong protective qualities and slickness. The result is a highly reflective hydrophobic finish that is compatible with all painted surfaces and works in synergy with existing protective base layers and our /THREE: Coating range.


/TWO: SIGMA V3 is our vision of the definitive finishing spray for maintaining a high-quality finish for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Features and Specifications:
  - Premium quality
  - Wax, sealant & coating compatible.
  - Extends & enhances protection.
  - Used as a standalone or topper.
  - Extreme gloss and colour shift.
  - Improved durability, hydrophobics and slickness versus v1.

  - Improved application on and off versus v2.

  - Improved performance consistency versus v2.

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