Garage Therapy Detailing Sash Brush

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Garage Therapy Sash Detailing Brush is a premium sash brush with firm bristles that have been soft tipped. It is perfectly sized for interior and exterior work and as such can be used on a multitude of substrates such as alloy wheels, grills, bades, hard plastics, rubber, and textiles.

We classify this brush in the Firm (stiff) category which can give you more cleaning performance on surfaces with ingrained dirt. We recommend to use this brush on surfaces that are not prone to scratching. 

 Features and specification:

- Premium Quality.

- Standard Sash soft tipped bristles.

- Rubberised handle.

- Chemical resistant.

- Size 16


This brush is very durable however as a precaution we recommend to not leaving the brush in a bucket water as it may cause the ferrule to swell and crack. Always wash out any chemicals off the bristles and hang to dry.

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