Dr Beasleys Matte Bead Hero Hydrophobic Ceramic Spray (12OZ)

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A ceramic spray coating for matte finishes that creates easy-sliding beads.

Dr. Beasley’s Matte Bead Hero is a hydrophobic ceramic spray for matte finishes engineered to add robust water beading properties and maintain a matte finish with a lubricious spray-and-wipe ease. Based in matte ceramic nanotechnology, it’s formulated to produce beads that slide off the finish easily, taking dirt with them and reducing the chance of water spots.

Car lovers with glossy finishes have been loving Bead Hero’s self-cleaning hydrophobicity — and now you can have it for matte finishes, too. Matte Bead Hero is formulated with added lubricity to ensure a scratch-free take-off on matte and produces beads that slide easily so they pick up grime as they fly off the finish.

Another factor to consider: when you’re removing a water spot, bird dropping or bug splat from a matte finish, you don’t want to rub too hard lest you create a shiny spot in the paint. Matte Bead Hero’s sliding beads reduce water spotting because they shed from the finish before they can dry into a spot, while its slick surface makes cleaning easy enough that agitation is never necessary for spot removal.

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