Dr Beasleys Bead Hero Hydrophobic Ceramic Spray (12OZ)

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Dr. Beasley’s Bead Hero is a hydrophobic ceramic spray engineered to add robust water beading properties and extreme gloss with spray-and-wipe ease.

Bead Hero is more than a spray-and-wipe hydrophobic coating — it’s specially engineered with ceramic nanotechnology to make beads slide, which means more self-cleaning and less water spotting.

There are hundreds of spray-and-wipe detailing products that bead water into a dizzying array of beautiful droplets. Very few of these products, however, actually benefit the paint.

That’s because the beads don’t move. If beads don’t move, they can’t pick up grime and self-clean as they slide off the finish. They can also dry into water spots (especially if you’ve got hard water with high mineral content).

Dr. Beasley’s solved this problem by formulating a new product that gets beads moving, fast. By borrowing technology from their low sliding angle professional ceramic coatings, they engineered a ceramic hydrophobic spray that actively pushes water beads off the finish so they’ll self-clean and won’t become water spots.

With those benefits, beads save the day for your paint.

That’s why it’s called Bead Hero — it makes a hero out of beads.


-         Produces fast-sliding water beads

-         Creates slick, ultra-reflective finish

-         Wipes off effortlessly with no streaks

-         Durable hydrophobic properties


Size: 360ml (12oz) 

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