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Body Coat Pro is a two-component, advanced coating with increased protection, created to emphasize the appearance of the varnish, giving a unique glass-like look. In addition, it boasts top-notch durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Thanks to its formula, it perfectly highlights the look of the paint, bringing out the gloss and enhancing the colour depth. The top hydrophobic layer formed by the coating ensures very effective water repellency and thus limits dirt adhesion, keeping the car clean for a longer time. Lasts for up to 24 months.



1. Make sure you’re applying the product in temperature range of 20-25°C

2. Shake the bottle well

3. Open the bottle and place the application plug in the bottle neck

4. Wrap the applicator with an attached cloth and let a moderate amount of fluid to drip out onto the applicator

5. Spread the coating evenly with an impregnated applicator in a crisscross motion

6. Wait at least 5 minutes for the coating to bind to the paint

7. Polish the residue with an attached soft microfiber cloth to achieve perfect gloss 8. Leave the car for at least 12h in a cool and dry place for the coating to cure

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