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  • Advanced formula makes streak-free glass easy for everyone
  • Safe for use on tinted windows
  • Leaves no streaks, spots, or stains and makes your glass disappear
  • Anti-static properties reduce static cling after cleaning windows and screens
  • Works on glass, clear plastic, mirrors, screens, lenses, and more


Streaking has its place, but your windows are not one of them. That’s why Chemical Guys invented Streak Free Window Clean: the only glass cleaner that will give you truly crystal clear results! The all-new versatile formula is safe for tinted windows and can be used throughout your car, home, and office for the clearest view and best vision on all clear surfaces. Streak Free Window Clean removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, oil, and grime from any glass or clear plastic surface with no left over residue. Simply mist on windows, mirrors, screens, lenses, or any other clear plastic or glass surface and wipe away the filth. Use a second microfiber towel to buff away product and watch your windows disappear in front of your eyes. Save streaking for college football games and high school graduations and get take your windows to the next level of clean with Chemical Guys Streak Free Window Clean!


Your car looks stunning with dark tinted windows, but that tint needs special care to look its best and last its longest. Chemical Guys Streak Free Window Clean is the gentle ammonia-free formula safe for any window tint film. Other cheaper glass cleaners work by using harsh and toxic chemicals to demolish anything and everything on the surface, including your tint! The harsh chemicals stain and cause unsightly bubbles that ruin the look and functionality of your tint and, over time, cause the adhesives to degrade and the delicate film to peel away. Every bottle of Streak Free is mixed without volatile chemicals, harsh cleaners, or caustic ingredients, ensuring your expensive tint gets the most delicate yet thorough cleansing experience possible. With Chemical Guys Streak Free Window Clean, dirt and debris simply disappear with a few sprays, but your tint stays right on your window where it belongs.

Versatile for all Clear Surfaces

Here at Chemical Guys, we know that there isn’t just one type of glass or plastic on your car. There are countless, that’s why we developed Streak Free Window Clean to clean all of them thoroughly and safely without installing streaks or spots. From clear plastic instrument panels, clear vinyl windows, headlights, and tail lights to LCD navigation screens, mirrors, and windows, Streak Free Window Clean cleans them all with a gentle touch. Your car isn’t the only thing suffering from dirty and streaky glass, your house and office are full of all kinds of glass and plastics that are crying out for the signature Chemical Guys treatment. Make LCD TV screens, glass flat panel monitors, tablet screens, and more crystal clear once again with Streak Free Glass Cleaner. Keep a bottle in your car for those quick on-the-go clean up jobs and see the world with new clarity with Chemical Guys Streak Free Glass Cleaner! Trying to get every last streak is every detailer’s nightmare. There’s always that one streak that gets away and it seems like once you clean it, you immediately notice another one! Put that futile and endless wiping to rest and finally experience the true definition of clear and open your eyes to a whole new world with Chemical Guys Streak Free Glass cleaner!


There’s nothing worse than cleaning your window and then having a fine layer of dust settle on your newly clean window just minutes later! The friction generated from rubbing the surface with a towel creates a magnet that dust is immediately attracted to, like socks sticking to your shorts when they come out of the dryer. Streak Free obliterates that attraction by using static-inhibiting agents that dissipate the charge generated by rubbing the towel on the glass, meaning once your window is clean, it won’t attract as much dust. Glass, clear optical plastics, navigation screens, instrument cluster plastics, headlight and tail light lenses, and mirror parts are no longer cloudy and streaky eyesores with Chemical Guys Streak Free Glass Cleaner. There’s a time and place for streaking, and your windows aren’t it. You want your windows clean, clear, and invisible, so leave the streaking to those mischievous teenagers wanting a quick thrill and make your widows disappear with Chemical Guys Streak Free Window Clean!

How To Use:
  • Use two towels whenever cleaning windows or glass parts.
  • Mist a light coating of Streak-Free Window Clean over the part.
  • Wipe up any dirt, grime, and debris with the first cleaning towel.
  • Buff away any streaks with the second towel to restore a crystal-clear shine.
  • Mist Streak-Free Window Clean into the towel whenever cleaning the inside of windows or sensitive components.

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