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  • Durable protection against the harshest elements
  • Designed specifically for matte finishes
  • Synthetic wax formula lasts longer for better protection and shine
  • Helps repel harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bug and bird residues, and road grime
  • Great for matte paintwork, vinyl wraps, and matte clear bra finishes
  • Helps prevent fading, staining, and discoloration
  • Spread with any premium foam or microfiber applicator pad
  • Lasts up to 12 months with just one application
  • Easy to use formula: spread on, then buff off


JetSeal Matte is the advanced synthetic wax sealant for matte automotive finishes. Formulated with nano-tech polymers, JetSeal Matte protects and enhances matte and satin paintwork, vinyl wraps, and clear bras for up to 12 months with just one coat. The innovative formula uses UV protection technology to repel harmful solar rays that fade and discolor matte and satin finishes. JetSeal Matte is the world’s first synthetic wax sealant developed for matte paintwork and vinyl wraps. Advanced sealant formula helps protect against water spots, staining, fading, contamination, and road grime to keep matte surfaces silky and satiny. JetSeal Matte bonds directly to the pores of the surface using nano polymers, and creates a durable shield against the elements. The easy-to-use formula enhances the crisp satin sheen that hardcore enthusiasts love about matte finishes. JetSeal Matte protects any matte color so it can look its best for years to come. JetSeal Matte was derived from the fan-favorite Chemical Guys JetSeal, and redeveloped over 4 years to produce the perfect sheen on matte paints and wraps. JetSeal Matte is the perfect protectant for matte paintwork, wheels, power coat, and vinyl-wrapped surfaces. Enhance and protect the bold crisp sheen of any matte, satin, and flat finish with Chemical Guys JetSeal Matte protectant sealant.


JetSeal Matte is the world’s first protective sealant formulated just for matte finishes. Matte vehicles require the highest level of protection and care to prevent stains, fading, and discoloration. JetSeal Matte uses innovative nano-tech polymers to create a durable shield against the elements. JetSeal Matte protects OEM and custom aftermarket finishes for up to 12 months. The innovative sealant formula helps protect against water spots, contamination, and discoloration to preserve a crisp, bold finish. JetSeal Matte preserves the original appearance of matte finishes and wraps. Matte surfaces easily stain and discolor from UV solar rays, water damage, bird droppings, insect residues, and improper cleaning products. JetSeal Matte utilizes advanced UV protection technology to block harmful solar rays that can destroy custom matte finishes. The easy-to-use formula is best spread by hand to shield and enhance virtually any matte surface. The unique polymers inside JetSeal Matte enhance the original appearance of matte vehicle finishes. Protect and maintain any matte finish for up to 12 months with just one coat of JetSeal Matte paint protection sealant.


JetSeal Matte is the perfect synthetic wax that protects and enhances a crisp new appearance on any matte vinyl wrap or painted finish. The versatile formula protects OEM matte and frost paintwork available on many new automobiles. JetSeal Matte is easy to use, and spreads easily with a premium foam or microfiber hand applicator pad. Spread a thin, even layer of JetSeal Matte any clean matte surface, wait 20 minutes, then buff the sealant off with a premium microfiber towel. JetSeal Matte works great on matte paintwork, vinyl wraps, satin clear bras, or decals for versatile performance all over any vehicle. Protect and enhance any matte car, truck, motorcycle, RV, and even aircraft for up to 12 months with just one coat of JetSeal Matte. Help repel harmful UV solar rays, discoloration, water spots, stains, and pollution that ruin matte finishes. JetSeal Matte was developed with aerospace technology for maximum protection. The innovative sealant is designed to perform and protect through the harshest environments. Protect matte surfaces through intense desert heat and extreme winter cold with Chemical Guys JetSeal Matte paint protection sealant.


Not all matte finishes are the same. Between OEM satin and frost paint finishes, aftermarket vinyl wraps and clear bras, and custom peelable paint finishes, there is no set standard for matte finishes. JetSeal Matte may not be for your specific matte finish, and you must test it before using it over your entire vehicle. Curing times, and ease of buffing and removing the cream sealant depend on the specific porosity and quality of your matte surface. Always test any matte car care product to check for desired results in a small, inconspicuous spot before committing to the entire piece. JetSeal Matte is formulated for use on OEM matte paint finishes, satin clear bras, and high quality matte vinyl wraps. JetSeal Matte is not intended for use on peelable paint or plasti-dipped surfaces.

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