Chemical Guys Fabric Guard Protector (16OZ)

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  • Protects fabrics from spills and stains
  • Maintains original look and feel
  • Protects against UV sunlight and fading
  • Durable long term protection
  • More durable formula protects longer with every application
  • Stronger hydrophobic polymers repel liquids better
  • Improved versatility for interior and exterior fabrics and upholstery

How It Works

Chemical Guys Fabric Guard protective coating repels dirt, liquids, and stains from fabric. The sprayable protectant and repellant micro-bonds to fabric fibers to shield against spills and stains. Fabric Guard uses hydrophobic technology to repel water and liquids on carpet, upholstery, seats, door panels, and other fabric surfaces. Any liquid spilled on Fabric Guard will simply roll off without touching the underlying fibers. Fabric Guard works on interior and exterior fabric for ultimate versatility. The advanced formula protects against fading and discoloration by blocking harmful UV solar rays. Fabric Guard maintains the original feel and color of the surface being protected. Repel dirt, stains, and spills to keep fabrics cleaner for longer. Fabric Guard is engineered using advanced technology that protects any fabric surface in any environment. Spray Fabric Guard on the fabric surface for the ultimate protection. Fabric Guard uses high-tech bonding technology for durable long-term protection. Protect any fabric surface against stains, spills, and sun with Chemical Guys Fabric Guard.

Repel Liquids And Stains

Fabric Guard is the ultimate protectant and repellant for any fabric surface. The unique protective coating repels stains and dirt from fabric, carpet, seats, door panels, and more. The sprayable formula micro-bonds deep inside fabric strands to provide durable long-term protection. Any liquid that touches Fabric Guard will simply slide off without contacting the underlying fibers. Fabric Guard has endless uses to protect any fabric surface. Easily protect upholstery, bedding, luggage, cotton, wool, and synthetic fabric blends. Fabric Guard maintains the original color and feel of the surface being protected. The innovative coating technology protects against coffee, tea, wine, grease, and food stains to keep your vehicle’s fabric surfaces in perfect condition. Fabric Guard works on all interior and exterior fabric surfaces for maximum versatility.

Protect Against Sunlight And The Elements

Fabric Guard features advanced UV protection that blocks harmful UV solar rays to maintain the original color of your vehicle’s fabric. The sprayable formula maintains the original color of any fabric and is odorless when dry. Fabric Guard utilizes nanotechnology that creates a barrier against stains and odors. Once the fabric has been protected with Fabric Guard, the surface will resist stains. Liquid will simply slide right off the fabric leaving the surface instantly dry. Perfect for protecting your carpet and floor mats against grass stains, denim jean scuffs, food, beverages, and other stains. Fabric Guard works by increasing the surface tension on the fabric, thus allowing stain-causing liquid to float on the surface and easily be removed.

Quality Protection That Lasts

Fabric Guard is designed to protect your fabric for up to 12 months. The long lasting protective coating helps fabric surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Formulated to meet the demands of professional and enthusiast detailers, Fabric Guard provides the highest level of protection against spills, stains, and solar ray degradation.

Part Of A Full Interior Detail

First, remove any dirt and stains from the fabric. Once the fabric is clean, spray a light coat of Fabric Guard on the surface to be protected. Allow 20 minutes for Fabric Guard to bond to the surface. After 20 minutes, apply a second coat for maximum protection. It’s that easy!

Imagine spilling fruit juice on carpet… Fabric Guard repels and floats the stain-causing juice above the fabric where it can be easily wiped up with a microfiber towel.

Dilution Ratio

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