Chemical Guys - Extreme Shine Tyre Trim Protectant (16OZ)

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  • Premium oil-based dressing
  • Restores deep-black look to rubber and plastic trim pieces
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Dry-to-the-touch finish does not attract dirt or dust
  • Spreads easily for fast application
  • Penetrates deep for long-lasting results
  • Perfect for low-profile tires and large off-road tires
  • Easily coats grilles, grates, fender liners, and more!


Clear Liquid Extreme Shine Sprayable Dressing delivers long lasting wet shine and protection without any greasy mess. Liquid Extreme Shine is a sprayable oil-based dressing that enhances a deep black shine on exterior plastic car parts and rubber pieces. The sprayable liquid dressing restores a fresh new look to plastics and rubber, and protects against the harmful UV rays that cause discoloration, fading, and cracking. The easy-to-use formula spreads evenly from any foam applicator or brush over textured bumper plastic, car tires, windshield cowls, large off-road tires, rubber window moldings, low profile street tires, engine bay components, fender liners, grilles, louvers, and more. The refined oils penetrate deep into the piece, finish dry to the touch, and do not attract dirt or dust. The new and improved green formula enhances more shine and gloss with more durable protection. Work Extreme Shine into plastic and rubber, then buff off any excess for durable protection and deep black shine on any black exterior trim pieces.


UV sunlight and caustic chemicals degrade plastic and rubber trim pieces on automobiles. These elements make black trim pieces look gray and chalky, and can even cause them to crack. The ultra-refined oils of Clear Liquid Extreme Shine penetrate deep to moisturize and nourish plastic and rubber pieces, enhance deep-black shine, and restore the supple feel that resists cracking and splitting. Faded trim pieces look old and bring down the look on any vehicle. Freshly-dressed trim pieces look rich, dark black, and brand new. Spread Clear Liquid Extreme Shine with any foam applicator pad or soft brush to restore a deep-black and new appearance on faded bumper trim, door mirrors, grilles, fender liners, tires, and more.


Clear Liquid Extreme Shine Sprayable Dressing restores deep black shine, protects against harmful solar rays, and finishes 100% dry to the touch. Simply work into the plastic or rubber surface, wipe away any excess, and the surface already feels crisp and dry. Dressing Tires with Clear Liquid Extreme Shine restores a new black look without any tire sling typical of lower-grade oil dressings. Liquid Extreme Shine restores a new black look that lasts for weeks, and will not attract dirt or dust. Use Liquid Extreme Shine on faded bumpers, door trim, side view mirrors, louvers, fender flares, tires, and more. The new look and dry feel of Clear Liquid Extreme Shine lasts for weeks on end without any smearing, streaking, or running.


The unique formula of Liquid Extreme Shine quickly penetrates rubber trim and tires, and hydrates with lasting protection. Refined oils and protectants penetrate deep into porous textured plastics used to make trim pieces, and the porous rubber used on tires and window moldings. Simply spray onto a foam applicator, work into the surface to penetrate, then buff off any excess. Extreme Shine quickly restores a wet, deep-black shine to faded bumpers, fender flares, door trim, weatherstripping, mirrors, window moldings, rocker panels, tires, louvers, and more. The shine and protection of Liquid Extreme Shine lasts for weeks, not days. The no-streak, no-run, and no-drip formula repels water, detergent, and solar rays to keep trim and tires hydrated, supple, and looking like new.


Proper application of Liquid Extreme Shine Sprayable Dressing is vital for maximum effect. The fine sprayable product mists evenly for smooth and even coverage. For best results, clean the area thoroughly with all-purpose cleaner and a stiff brush to remove any dirt or contamination before spreading any dressing. After the area has dried, spread Liquid Extreme Shine in a thin, even layer. Work it into the surface like lotion into the skin. A single application of Extreme Shine restores a like-new premium shine. For extra glossy bright shine, or for treating neglected and extremely-weathered pieces, wait 10 minutes after first coat, and apply additional ones as desired.


The finishing touches on any detail separate enthusiasts from professionals. Take a cue from professional detailers and use Chemical Guys premium dressings to restore lost luster to faded surfaces. Make dull exterior plastics and rubber stand out like new with Chemical Guys Liquid Extreme Shine Sprayable Dressing!

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