Chemical Guys Extreme Bodywash & Wax Shampoo (16OZ)

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  • High gloss car wash soap
  • Cleans for a showroom shine
  • High suds/high gloss formula
  • Synthetic wax formula adds extra protection with every wash
  • pH-balanced formula does not strip wax or sealant coatings
  • Enhances high gloss shine on every paint color
  • Slick and scratch-free car wash shampoo
  • Perfect for use in any foam gun or foam cannon for added slick suds and scratch-free wash experience


The product specialists at Chemical Guys wanted to recreate the bright shine of a brand new car sitting in the showroom, so they came up with Extreme Extreme BodyWash & Wax car wash soap with Color Brightening Technology. The slick car wash soap gently removes dirt, grime, road film, brake dust, and grease from driving all over the city, highway, countryside, and even dirt roads. The synthetic car wax formula blended into the car wash soap leaves behind a light coat of protection. Help repel future dust, dirt, and rainwater so your car stays cleaner for longer. Add a couple ounces of Extreme BodyWash & Wax to your 5 gallon wash bucket to create thick soapy suds, or put some in your foam gun or foam cannon to spray down your car with thick car wash cleansing foam. Extreme BodyWash & Wax is pH-balanced, safe for use even in direct sunlight, and won’t leave any spots or stains at the end of a car wash. The versatile car soap is perfect for any beginning detailing enthusiast or professional detailer who washes fleets of cars every day. Recreate the excitement of a shiny brand new car with Chemical Guys Extreme BodyWash & Wax car wash soap.


Extreme BodyWash & Wax Car Wash Soap lubricates dirt and grime for scratch-free cleaning on any car paintwork. The pH-balanced formula rinses clean without spots or stains, even if you wash the car in direct sunlight. Gentle cleansers remove dirt and grime without stripping any wax or sealant from the vehicle. Wash any color paint, wheels, glass, plastic, and undercarriage parts with Extreme BodyWash & Wax Car Wash Soap. Mix just 1 – 3 ounces of Extreme BodyWash & Wax into a 5 gallon bucket of water for plenty of soapy suds to wash an entire car. Add Extreme BodyWash & Wax to a foam gun or foam cannon to turn any car wash into a thick car wash foam party. Treat your car with a Extreme BodyWash & Wax every week and keep it looking showroom fresh and new.


The key to keeping paint shiny and glossy is with proper protection. Car wax doesn’t make paint shiny on its own, but it protects it against the elements that cause it to fade and discolor over time. Extreme BodyWash & Wax is gentle enough to not strip any existing wax or sealant coat from your vehicle, but tough enough to pull away any dirt or debris that doesn’t belong. The soap also contains a synthetic wax blend that adds extra protection and glossy shine back to your existing car wax coating. Keeping the wax coating strong and on your vehicle helps the protection last longer and keep your vehicle shiny and clean. The gentle formula is pH-balanced, biodegradable, and the perfect choice for anyone wanting to keep their brand new car looking fresh, new, and clean at every weekly maintenance car wash.


Chemical Guys Body Wash & Wax contains color brightening technology which derives from the use of two different waxes. Utilizing two different types of wax within the formulation, Body Wash & Wax will give you that freshly waxed look. Carnauba wax is nature’s sunscreen: shielding palm leaves in the Brazilian rainforest from the harsh UV solar rays. Extreme Body Wash & Wax is blended with natural carnauba wax and a synthetic man-made wax with enhanced durability. These protection agents help strengthen your vehicle’s existing wax or sealant coat to prolong the protection, and restore the extra gloss and shine of that freshly-waxed look. Use Chemical Guys Body Wash & Wax to gently cleanse and eliminate dirt, dust and grime to reveal a brighter and more vibrant color paintwork.


Buying a new car is a unique moment in time. It’s not often that you get to walk onto the dealership lot, point to the clean and shiny car in the middle of the showroom, then drive it home. With Chemical Guys Extreme BodyWash & Wax, every car can look like it did that first time you laid eyes on it. Gently glide your microfiber wash mitt over the paintwork with slick soapy suds to clean off any dirt, grime, and debris without installing any swirls or scratches. With Extreme BodyWash & Wax, anyone can keep their car free of any swirls and scratches so it can shine just like when it was new. The gentle formula will not spot or stain, and will not harm any wax or sealant coatings so you don’t have to spend hours detailing your car every week. Shine your car like new at every Sunday morning car wash with Chemical Guys Extreme BodyWash & Wax!

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