Chemical Guys Amazing Ferret Wheel, Rim & Engine Brush

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  • Easily cleans deep inside wheels, exhaust tips, engine bays, and more
  • Slips through spokes; cleans deep inside the barrel of the wheel
  • Full length – 17″, brush length – 12″
  • Great for intricate wheel designs and patterns
  • Bendable and shapeable for detailing versatility
  • Made with soft synthetic bristles for a scratch-free shine
  • Handle is made out of 100% environmentally friendly sustainable treated wood
  • 100% rust proof


Wheels are notoriously difficult to clean due to their intricate designs, cramped spaces, and heavy contamination. Many amateur detailers end up using old rags or abrasive brushes to clean their wheels, and produce subpar results. The Chemical Guys Ferret Wheel Brush is the perfect tool for cleaning deep inside OEM and custom wheels. The fully-synthetic brush is tough on dirt, grime, and brake dust, yet gentle on painted, chrome, powder coated, and polished wheels. This wheel brush features an extra-long and extra-slim profile, which is perfect for scrubbing deep inside the barrel of alloy wheels for deep clean and shine. Easily bend and shape the flexible brush rod to fit around brake calipers, into tight spaces, and behind wheel spokes. Use the Ferret Wheel Brush to clean deep inside wheels, exhaust tips, engine bays, and more. The soft bristles gently scrub and lift dirt and grime from wheels for a scratch-free shine. Easily clean away brake dust, dirt, oil, road grime, and more with the Ferret Wheel Brush. For best results, pair your Ferret Wheel Brush with a Chemical Guys wheel cleaner and bucket of water with Chemical Guys car wash soap to clean wheels to a like-new condition. Choose the Chemical Guys Ferret Wheel Brush for deep wheel cleaning and detailing.


The Ferret Wheel Brush is great for deep cleaning in wheels, exhaust tips, engine bays, and more. The soft synthetic bristles give a scratch-free touch on sensitive wheels and rims, and easily remove tough dirt, debris, and brake dust. The extra-long handle is bendable for easy cleaning in, around, and through spokes and tight brake calipers. The long and low profile brush fits between the hub and rim to easily clean the entire barrel of the wheel for a deep clean shine. Easily scrub away brake dust, dirt, road grime, oil, grease, and more. Clean and scrub chrome, polished, painted, powdercoated, and wrapped OEM and custom wheels with a scratch-free shine. The abrasion-resistant wood handle is sourced from responsible and eco-friendly lumber farms. Use the Ferret Wheel Brush to clean wheels, behind wheel spokes, inside exhaust tips, around engine bays and compartments, and more.


The Ferret Wheel Brush is the perfect brush for deep cleaning wheels and other compact areas. All wheel parts require specialty cleaning tools that are different than those for paintwork and glass. Use the Chemical Guys Ferret Wheel Brush to gently scrub dirt and grime without harming sensitive wheel finishes. The extra-long 17’’ brush slips deep into alloy wheels and custom rims for a complete wheel cleaning detail. Clean mud, dirt, and brake dust from deep within the barrel of the wheel for a show car look. Easily agitate and remove brake dust, dirt, grease, and grime from OEM and custom aftermarket wheels and rims. Stick the Ferret Wheel Brush deep inside exhaust tips to remove heavy carbon buildup. Slip the Ferret Brush between intake manifold pipes and exhaust runners for thorough engine bay detailing. Choose the Ferret Wheel Brush for a gentle cleaning touch deep inside hard to reach places.


Chemical Guys brushes and accessories are made from the highest quality materials and with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. The Ferret Wheel Brush is made with durable synthetic bristles for tough scrubbing that won’t harm sensitive alloys or finishes. These soft synthetic bristles are firmly anchored through a durable and flexible metal wire for easy cleaning around intricate wheel designs. The premium wood handle is comfort-cut for easy use and sourced from eco-friendly and sustainable lumber yards. The brush handle and bristles are chemical resistant, and stand up to years of use with all types of cleaners and degreasers. The Ferret Wheel Brush lasts for years of detailing alloy wheels and rims, exhaust tips, engine bays, and more.


Use The Ferret Wheel Brush with premium Chemical Guys wheel detailing products, such as Diablo Wheel Gel, Signature Series Wheel Cleaner, and any Chemical Guys car wash soap. Use separate wheel-cleaning buckets, tools, chemicals, and towels to protect paintwork from swirls and scratches caused by abrasive brake dust.

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