CarPro Lotion Leather Conditioner 500ml

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CarPro Lotion conditions leather to restore the soft, smooth feeling, protect from UV damage, and keep a natural appearance.

Due to UV rays, leather can age prematurely, crack, fade and become dry. CarPro Lotion applied with the brand’s dedicated MicroBuff applicator thoroughly covers even heavily textured leather.

Proper care can keep your leather in its best condition and prevent premature wear. When the pores of leather get clogged with soiling it can cause the leather to deteriorate prematurely.


  • Safe on all types of leather
  • Protects from sweat, liquids and light contamination
  • Doesn’t alter the look of the leather

How to Use:

  • After the leather has been cleaned and the surface is dry apply a pea-sized drop of Lotion to the applicator and spread on a 40 x 40cm section
  • Gently massage the conditioner into the leather until the surface is covered evenly
  • Use a Terry cloth to wipe away excess conditioner
  • Move to the next section and repeat steps 1 to 3

Product Code: CP-LO5

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