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CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash is an innovative waterless cleaner. Built on two years of research and development, this waterless wash is designed to work in harmony with ceramic coatings and produce an enhanced glossy surface. Devised to work well in extreme heat and even direct sunlight, CARPRO have put together a combination of proprietary lifting agents, natural organic extracts and lubricants to provide an easy and eco-friendly solution to waterless washes and quick detailing. This concentrated formula gives the ability to easily remove dust and dirt marks, leaving behind a clean, glossy finish. The wash can be used effectively on both coated and uncoated automobiles.

So what's the secret to CARPRO ECH2O's glossy secret? Its derived high gloss Si02 components and their intrinsic cleaning abilities. What's also special about CARPRO ECH2O is the unique formula; giving you the flexibility to adjust to your specific cleaning needs. Dilute with CARPRO ECH2O 1:10 to use for quick detailing, or to use as a waterless wash alone, dilute with CARPRO ECH2O 1:5. This eco-friendly formula works excellent on rubber and plastic trim, leaving you without the worry of staining.

To use as a quick detailing solution: simply shake well and dilute per your needs with the appropriate ECH2O solution. Spray the solution over the paintwork, spread for even coverage and wipe off completely - simple!

To use as waterless wash only: shake well and dilute per your needs and spray liberally across one entire panel. Using a clean and soft towel, lightly wipe the panel, ensuring that you frequently flip the towel to a clean side. Spray once again over the panel surface. Wipe the surface, this time using a fresh clean towel, removing the dust and dirt. Repeat this procedure around the entire vehicle and finish with a final wipe over every panel with a fresh, clean towel as required.

Recommended Dilutions:

  • 25:1 for quick detailer
  • 40:1 for clay lube
  • 15:1 waterless wash
  • 200:1 rinseless wash as a drying aid

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