CarPro Clearcut Rapid Cutting Compound

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CarPro ClearCUT is a fast acting liquid abrasive carefully crafted to remove defects quickly and easily. The non-dusting formula is a heavy cutting compound designed to remove heavy swirls, scratches, and oxidation in your paintwork. With no wax, fillers, or silicone CarPro ClearCUT doesn’t fool you by swelling the paintwork or hiding water spots and scratches. Instead, this unique formula allows you to view your work through the polish as the compound will begin to become transparent within 1-2 passes. This unique feature will allow you to know when to stop cutting once the defect is removed. The CarPro ClearCUT formula has a simple eraser wipe down which removes any lubricants with ease. CarPro ClearCUT is the compound you reach for before your finishing polish.

To use, simply add 7-8 drops on a new polishing pad and spread on a low speed to start with and then increase to a medium/high speed on Dual Action. Start off by applying a low pressure for 2-3 passes and then apply more pressure after each pass, ending with a heavy pressure. Using an LED lamp you will be able to see the scratches disappear beneath the compound as you polish. Simply wipe off when the polish becomes clear. Clean the pad with a brush or air and then move on to the next section and start the process again.

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